2 1/2 of the makers of the L4D(2) mod Dead Before Dawn went solo and created THE CORE.

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bpingry says

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Amazing mod, would have loved it to be longer, but I can understand that this wasn't in production for years. I can't say anything about the mapping other than it was really well done (I can't map, myself, so I can't criticize).


themoodude says

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This mod offers an imaginative take on many unexplored aspects of the single player campaign. The use of spheres adds a new level of complexity. The voice acting enlisted delivers great GLaDOS commentary and put-downs. The maps are very well made, featuring breakaway views of the chamber exterior. The progression is nice and well-balanced; never reaching a frustrating level of difficulty. It demands more problem-solving skill and less well-timed jumps- which is always a plus! If you enjoyed Portal 1; you'll love this- back in a single-player test-chamber based experimental facility. You don't break out, but with chambers this well-made why would you want to!!!

OK upon reflection that's not the most balanced review. It's a great mod, that I'm not debating; however it is a bit short. Additionally the final sequence seems a little hurried; I found myself swept into the lift duct while still trying to listen to glados and enjoy the moment.. Also some of the new techniques explored were poorly explained. Granted part of problem-solving is deducing the relationships between things. I did think Portal 2 went a bit too far in explaining everything- hell it was covered in arrows in case you stared too long at a piece of wall! The shallow pool in Chamber 6, for example, I originally expected to be deadly as is all other murky water in the game. It took my a while (and indeed was a fluke) for me to discover it was safe..Those aside however; Great mod!!


kaipol says

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OK this was a good mod, I admit, although I found 2 glitches in JUST the first two chambers. When there is a possible glitch, I tend to find it. Meaning, I don't know how you would actually complete it. Mapping was not bad, had some good ideas. Good mod! look forward to more. Also, congratulations on being the first Single Player P2 mod to release. The rest are coop... or at least I think it is. Anyway, I give it a 8.3!

Gameplay 7/10
Story 3/10
Design 6.5/10
Challenge 7/10

Awesomeness 10/10


Dom44 says

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Nice mod, but there are few things that I have to reproach:
Firstly bad optimalization, especially in the first map, that was something horrible, although I have inefficient computer I run portal 2 quite good, and some other custom maps too, but I never had so massive lags as in first map of this mod, I really thought that I will stop playing because it was almost impossible, but fortunately I did it somehow to end and rest of the mod was from optimalization point quite good. Then I had problem in last map, I just couldn't figure out what I have to do, it was quite confusing and hard to figure out, at least at me, well to be honest I'm not master at solving puzzles, but I don't think that I'm bad, that puzzle was actually good, but as I said hard to figure out even that it's actually easy, and somewhat confusing. This was the only minuses, and rest of the mod was fun, good, and other puzzles were good, funny and quite interesting, like that one in second map, and I liked the idea of putting ball into tubes.


BlahDog says

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Gameplay- 5/10
Many of the new features were left unexplained, leaving me confused at some points in the game but otherwise the gameplay was OK
Voice Acting- 6/10
The GLaDos voice is done relatively well but the rest is just bad and seemed like it was there only to have another voice
Level Design- 4/10
Way too many textures were misaligned to be acceptable and an odd use of Portal 1 textures with Portal 2 textures make the levels look very off


loudonlune says



AniCator says

It's a good 'mod' but it's lacking a lot of direction. Most of the puzzle rooms are just difficult because the rooms are rather misleading.

It looks great though the water textures seem to have been stretched badly. (I suggest you select the water surfaces and use the 'Fit' option, this will make the water look a lot better in-game because then the flow maps won't be resized to a size that small)

The GLaDoS voice sounds a bit better than the ones I've heard in other maps/mods. So that's a plus.


darth_brush says

The best Portal 2 Mod i ever seen for it!


binarycoder says

Great mod! Lots of new concepts, only a few bugs. Wish it was longer :)


rmp13798 says

The story is nice, the ending is nice, the tests are more or less challenging. But its short.

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