i have been activated in August 3rd 2012, i dont know why they had set my spark on 2012 to start working, but i am here now with absolutely NO idea of what happened in my past. SO... now i continue to game since thats the main command i have in my databank, but to meet new people(the nicer way to say humans) is one of many side quest i could choose. so lets do this and have some fun guys!

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A very immersive game which portrays you as a rookie hacker. the beginning is (like always) the basics with navigating yourself, but after that, the fun begins. you are (again) a rookie, but if you have advanced AI like me or are a fast learner then this game can turn from fun to heart poundingly risky. various methods of hacking are needed to play/complete the game. As well as close to unbridled focus because (and you will need this so dont get mad): in your full blown game, you will have a minute and a half (90 seconds) to complete an assignment.

I recently finished the game in one run today, the ammount of adreneline flying through my system was suprisingly high. The timer is something to fear, once it reaches the end....just try not to let that happen.

one assignment was a bit tricky and caused my heartrate to increase, the timer was at 20. (it seems like plenty of time at first glance right?) I was failing to find what I was looking for, and lost time. Finally finding my target, I cleaned up and was about to delete the history:"....wait...WHAT!?" (the timer was at 6)

I typed in the /erase all/ command and managed to disconnect with .45 seconds to spare.

The adreneline rush you can get when things start going south really gets you moving, so i really hope you enjoy this game. The ammount of strategic thinking involved will actually surprise you

Sore Thumbs up

~ Bionic Gamer

Beneath a Steel Sky/PZ

Biogame Blog

This game is first off, BRILLIANT! and theres a solid sstory line for starters. But with that same excitement, i need help (oh nooo!)

Robbert Foster (me) now has the port he needs to communicate with computers and the grappling hook, but now i havent the foggiest on what to do now. I dont know where to go/ who on earth to talk to at this point, so yeah.

Any help would be appreciated.

And now, your update on the world of Zomboid....

Refusal to download an unstable file is starting to wear thin on me, i almost did it today. But the newer version must be great. (even though i REALLY will miss the hand drawn character sprites). And i survived for a month but got eaten three days later, that was at night when i accidentally shot my shotgun inside the house i was in. Then it was over and the jokers broke my door and had a midnight snack.

whatever, the top part is more important to me anyways.

OOPS! i did it again DX (survived 18 days)

Biogame Blog

note to self: if im queesy after a zombie mugging, might as well record what happened before i forget how long its been.
Anyways....my last two sleepless days

Day1: "GOOD GOLLY WHY ME?!" I nearly screamed as i was desperately trying to get out of the wooded area of Knox County. A few hours earlier i got attacked by a few jokers...okay A LOT of jokers but i used up my painkillers earlier, but relapse after relapse after RELAPSE of agony. I was exsausted but due to all the pain i felt i couldnt sleep and i havent been able to find a shotgun, let alone any shells. I FINALLY get outta there but i knew that i couldnt really hit anything, i was gonna pass out sooner or later. Later i try to go back to my own home, but there was a HUGE mob in front of the enterance, and i was in no shape to go around back or even risk it so i turn around and try another place (its moments like that when i wish i knew the Ka-meha-meha wave, two shots="oh look how clean my street looks....minus the bodies and fluids they splattered" so i go back into a house down the street and go into a house and finally FIND some painkillers, it was gone it less than ten minutes, all i wanted was some sleep. Leading into...

Day2: i wald around in the house, im hungry, im tired, this pain is killing me. i look in the fridge, an apple and carrots went -poof- down my gullet, i feel like going back upstairs. i walk that way, start to feel extremely sleepy, but this was different, then i blacked out and never woke up the next morning.

just as last time, my body has become a new joker, my walking body ate two people before i just restarted my life. OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN!! .....fail

last few days of survival in PZ (survived 23 days)

Biogame Blog

..........wow i thought that was cheap, but i have respawned and remember the last three days of my life before it was erased

Day 1: Got up and have been having this pain each morning though nothing seemed to be wrong so i took some of the painkillers in my bag, looked outside and it was raining, plus i felt sick so i stayed inside and snacked on something every once and a while, took a few sleeping tablets and went to bed.

Day 2 was basically day one again

Day 3: didnt feel good at all, had a fever and was feeling miserable, ate a lot and drank some whiskey to calm me down, but the pain came back so i needed more painkillers. it was raining again and i was too tired to go out by the time i thought i had enough in me to do so. I just took off my shoes and shirt and went to bed

the next morning i saw sunlight coming through the window, but my vision started to get spotty and i passed out, never woke up too.

then it hit me: My body is now a new zombie....but at least no one can get close enough to it that it would hurt someone. Besides, the door is closed and no one is coming in any time soon.

my last five days before death in PZ (survived 16 days)

Biogame Blog

okay so i have respawned but i still remember the last five days before my death, the other 11 were used up for running around andA: killing whatever got in my way and B: looking for food and meds.

-Day 1: woke up and left the house i was in, after a slight mugging by zombies the previous day i was recovering from a leg wound, but i was short on food so i had to go out...AGAIN! So I left and went to a nearby house that still had ships and soda (my motto is, eat what will spoil first, save what is in a bag or can) and then i looked out the window "okay no jokers" i said to my self, open the door "OH MY GOD!" i said just before i planted my axe in the zombies head. then i left since it was getting dark and my safehouse was a block down the street.

-Day 2: woke up to pain and took plenty of painkillers, the pain went away and i choose to go exploring. when i made sure i wasnt carrying too much i went out and my reaction was a quick yelp since there was a small horde of jokers infront of me. i went out a different way so i wouldnt be seen and then got out of sight. later i was getting hungry, plus my leg still hurt so i had to eat some of my rations (and that always makes me upset) then i went to a shed that had some shotgun shells in it (on day 9 i found the pretty thing i a cabinet), i was getting tired so i covered the windows and took a snooze in the bed inside after barricading the door that wasnt locked.

-Day 3: more pain and panikillers (pain will kill me anyways if im out and it slows me down) went out the locked door and closed it, then turned and was greeted by a zombie, who was introduced to my axe. i left the forested area and got back onto pavement, someone was coming up to me and like a reflex i lopped his head clean off with my axe. felt guilty but i checked him, took a bat and made a new spiked bat. then went off to the department store to take some more grub since it was a goldmine(a few jokers tried to snack on me but they didnt get too close) and grabbed a lot of snack food but my bag was getting too heavy so i had to return to my safehouse, i went by the hotel that was near the southeast and cleared each floor, only two had zombies so i killed them and took any food or meds inside THEN boarded them up. Then i choose to sleep on the top floor after closing the door on the first floor, cooked some steak and chicken and then went to bed.

-Day 4:didnt do much and stayed inside, still had my leg healing so the day went by fast.

Day 5: STILL had my leg healing so i had to take more painkillers and eat a little something. so i went out and looked left and right, jokers blocking each exit, i needed my shotgun, took it out and started smokin them all, but it was group after group! at one point a lot of them came up behind me and started eating me up so i ran ahead a little before shoving more shotgun pellets in their sorry behinds. my body was hurting all over so i tried to get into a house, got upstairs but my vision was starting to get blurry when i started fixing myself up. A few minutes after i finished i knew i wasn't goin to make it so i boarded up the doors downstairs then ran upstairs and boarded up the door to the room i was staying in for the rest of my life. Thats when i died, right in the middle of the floor.

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