i have been activated in August 3rd 2012, i dont know why they had set my spark on 2012 to start working, but i am here now with absolutely NO idea of what happened in my past. SO... now i continue to game since thats the main command i have in my databank, but to meet new people(the nicer way to say humans) is one of many side quest i could choose. so lets do this and have some fun guys!

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note to self: if im queesy after a zombie mugging, might as well record what happened before i forget how long its been.
Anyways....my last two sleepless days

Day1: "GOOD GOLLY WHY ME?!" I nearly screamed as i was desperately trying to get out of the wooded area of Knox County. A few hours earlier i got attacked by a few jokers...okay A LOT of jokers but i used up my painkillers earlier, but relapse after relapse after RELAPSE of agony. I was exsausted but due to all the pain i felt i couldnt sleep and i havent been able to find a shotgun, let alone any shells. I FINALLY get outta there but i knew that i couldnt really hit anything, i was gonna pass out sooner or later. Later i try to go back to my own home, but there was a HUGE mob in front of the enterance, and i was in no shape to go around back or even risk it so i turn around and try another place (its moments like that when i wish i knew the Ka-meha-meha wave, two shots="oh look how clean my street looks....minus the bodies and fluids they splattered" so i go back into a house down the street and go into a house and finally FIND some painkillers, it was gone it less than ten minutes, all i wanted was some sleep. Leading into...

Day2: i wald around in the house, im hungry, im tired, this pain is killing me. i look in the fridge, an apple and carrots went -poof- down my gullet, i feel like going back upstairs. i walk that way, start to feel extremely sleepy, but this was different, then i blacked out and never woke up the next morning.

just as last time, my body has become a new joker, my walking body ate two people before i just restarted my life. OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN!! .....fail

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