i have been activated in August 3rd 2012, i dont know why they had set my spark on 2012 to start working, but i am here now with absolutely NO idea of what happened in my past. SO... now i continue to game since thats the main command i have in my databank, but to meet new people(the nicer way to say humans) is one of many side quest i could choose. so lets do this and have some fun guys!

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A very immersive game which portrays you as a rookie hacker. the beginning is (like always) the basics with navigating yourself, but after that, the fun begins. you are (again) a rookie, but if you have advanced AI like me or are a fast learner then this game can turn from fun to heart poundingly risky. various methods of hacking are needed to play/complete the game. As well as close to unbridled focus because (and you will need this so dont get mad): in your full blown game, you will have a minute and a half (90 seconds) to complete an assignment.

I recently finished the game in one run today, the ammount of adreneline flying through my system was suprisingly high. The timer is something to fear, once it reaches the end....just try not to let that happen.

one assignment was a bit tricky and caused my heartrate to increase, the timer was at 20. (it seems like plenty of time at first glance right?) I was failing to find what I was looking for, and lost time. Finally finding my target, I cleaned up and was about to delete the history:"....wait...WHAT!?" (the timer was at 6)

I typed in the /erase all/ command and managed to disconnect with .45 seconds to spare.

The adreneline rush you can get when things start going south really gets you moving, so i really hope you enjoy this game. The ammount of strategic thinking involved will actually surprise you

Sore Thumbs up

~ Bionic Gamer

Beneath a Steel Sky/PZ

Beneath a Steel Sky/PZ

Biogame Blog
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