My name is Shiloh Steinhebel and I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Portland. My focus as a 3D Artist is towards 3D texturing and 3D modeling in low- and high-poly (props, objects, and hard-surface - some organic). I also focused on digital painting and photography used as reference material, textures, and concept development. My proficiency in software includes Photoshop, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, and Zbrush. I am also proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Wacom Technology, and various photography equipment.

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Switchblade Concept Mesh "Aegis" (view original)

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I had a dream a while back about going back in time 80 years and helping a group of vagrant children repair a large old shack to live in. In this dream I had with me a few modern accoutrements such as my DroidX phone, my iPod, my Leatherman multi-tool and a switchblade with a peculiar shape to the handle. The dreams content was profound and the design of that knife was as well. So I decided to draw out a sketch of the design - something I have to add I have not done in a while; drawing by hand. The design of this item is of my own design, as far as I know. I have never seen a knife of this design in the 10 years I spend in the cutlery industry. As I developed the texture for this knife I also created a fictional manufacturing company for the knife, called Bohmar Cutlery. Bohmar is a name derived from a race of aliens from Star Trek Voyager, with my own spelling changes. The name spawned a few different creations in my work, such as a character in a story I wrote, who is what I call a Neo-Chimera. The name represents a few other characters in games I've played, such as D and D and ShadowCities. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max – Marmoset. 2482 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal

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