My name is Shiloh Steinhebel and I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Portland. My focus as a 3D Artist is towards 3D texturing and 3D modeling in low- and high-poly (props, objects, and hard-surface - some organic). I also focused on digital painting and photography used as reference material, textures, and concept development. My proficiency in software includes Photoshop, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, and Zbrush. I am also proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Wacom Technology, and various photography equipment.

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Just moved to a new location

SASteinhebel Blog

Recently my wife and I moved to a new apartment closer to family and friends! Our new place is larger that the other and much nicer. Because I've been moving and unpacking for the past two weeks I've been unable to work on some of the artwork for the Mindworld mod. It's been stressful and painful (isn't is always) moving and all, but I've finally got my PC up and running. Sadly I have no internet, but I have a laptop and there's a Wifi around I can use for that.

Other great news lately pertains to my ability to drive...legally. I can now! For a while now my license was suspended and I was unable to drive legally for more than a year. But I have since paid my financial obligation regarding my past due fees, and I am now reinstated. I even drove my wife to work yesterday. WOOT!

Think that's all for now. Later!

Working for a mod

SASteinhebel Blog

I have been recently contacted by a group to work on assets for their mod, and I accepted. As such, I will be inundated with work for this mod, so my offer for Freelancing at the moment is rescinded until further notice. I may (IF I feel I'm not stretching myself thin) work on two at a time, but for now I am just going to focus on the one and perhaps some other portfolio pieces I've been working on for a while now.


OH! Check out the mod here:

Portfolio Images Updated and WORK

SASteinhebel Blog

I have recently updated all my images on my profile to my most recent and best work in my portfolio. Please check them out!

I am also currently working as a Freelance 3D Artist and I am willing to volunteer for anyone looking for a quality 3D modeler and texture artist for their mods. As my portfolio speaks for it's self, I develop high-quality 3D models and re-creations based on AAA game titles. I've collaborated on a project started on DeviantArt involving the re-creation of props found the Fallout 3 and Fallout NV for a project called "Fallout Project."

If you like what you see in my portfolio and think I'd make an excellent addition to your team of artists, please don't hesitate to contact me!

That's right...I'm back.

SASteinhebel Blog

It had occurred to me that I had been missing out on a significant opportunity here at ModDB and I had...slightly...forgot about this site. A lot has gone on since the last time I logged into this site I'll update.

The most recent and significant news is that I recently married to my fiance of three years. We married on July 25, 2011. We are happily married and living in our own apartment in Independence, OR and she has a wonderful job in her new field of study of pet grooming.

I also graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a BFA in Game Art and Design in the beginning of 2010. Unfortunately I do not have a job in that respect yet, though I am currently working Freelance as a CG Artist and Photographer for those in need of my skill set.

Perhaps the saddest information of all is the passing of my father last year. While I wish it were otherwise, my father committed suicide due to apparent financial stress that both my mother and myself were unaware of. Sadly, I was the one who found him. But despite the grief and stress involved, my mother has since found a new house to move into that includes a larger two-acre lot.

Despite the roller-coaster ride of issues, crap, and god-sends, life is good. My skills as a CG Artist have drastically improved since my experience in school and with my constant improvement of my skills and portfolio. Soon here I will be revising my portfolio of artwork here on ModDB, as I've been working on a commission for a fellow 3D Artist on Deviant Art, re-creating props and weapons from the Fallout universe.

In addition, my professional portfolio website is also active, visible at A complete listing of my portfolio and archive is available to view on this website.

In essence, I am offering my skills as a CG Artist to any mod developer requiring a 3D modeler and/or texture artist.

Hard Drive corruption

SASteinhebel Blog

So I just recently had one of my hard drives on my PC go corrupt on me...and it looked like a software problem that caused it. Luckily the night before I transferred my work I was working on to my USB flash drive so I have a copy of everything I need...whew! I ran a data recovery tool on the hard drive and recovered about 60GB of data on that drive, which was about how much I had on that drive. The only problem is, some of the data is corrupted still. Image files that won't load, Maya files that won't load, etc. But I remain hopeful that this is not a lost cause. Now I just need to arrange my files and all. The small amount of useless data I put onto that hard drive is still there and I haven't had any issues yet, but needless to say, I will be backing up that data before I use that hard drive again. Oh well. Back to work...

Added some images to my profile

SASteinhebel Blog

To iterate my intention to be a decently prolific member of the ModDB community, I decided to post some images of my own artwork here on my profile in hopes of attracting possible work in a part of a mod-development team. What is seen here on my profile can also be seen on my website, so for more information or more artwork, check it out there! All of the artwork was created while attending school. So without further ado...I leave you to check it out. Constructive criticism is much appreciated!!

Website o' Mine

SASteinhebel Blog

Well...I recently finished my professional website. Just in time too, since I just started another term of school. I've got...four terms to go? Not too bad...just about a year and I'll be done. Figured I'd post a blog on here about it...why not eh?

In case there's a mod leader or member reading this and in need of a modeler or texture artist, hit me up with a message. I'll state right now that I am still in school and it takes up a lot of my time. Check out my website for work I've created so far.

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