This project was created solely for one purpose: To pay tribute and give Battle Realms a second life. The goal is to improve and show the true beauty of Battle Realms to all RTS players around the globe. Fix the existing (and persisting!) issues, and let the project serve as a memorial for this work of art. Goals: ⚈ Improving the visuals: Overhauled textures, UI Redesign, updated resolutions. ⚈ Correcting the flaws: Bug fixes, game mechanics fixes, sound fixes, text fixes and a lot of other... fixes. ⚈ Restoring the old: restoring certain game features that were left unused and making them work properly. ⚈ Maintaing the balance: Rebalancing the gameplay with the focus on the vanilla setting. Restructuring the game mechanics. ⚈ Adding to it: New maps, completely overhauled BR manual. Are you familiar with coding? BR Modding? BR Map making? Are you ready to work purely on your enthusiasm? If so, then join up! Let's make Battle Realms shine once again

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Short teaser concerning our upcoming patch to fix the issues of its predecessor and improve the game even further. Also- news about the established Patreon account.

It's much better.

We've eliminated all of the issues from the previous 1.50r patch that were reported by the community. 1.50s is currently being tested so we don't let anything nasty slip into the release. Besides the 1.50r shenanigans, the patch also brings some VERY nice changes.

Teasing some patchnotes...

Better how? Well, let's see... The bug with no reloading while on horse is fixed and works as it should. The 'S' (stop) hotkey now also works as it should- it no longer affects melee combat. We've also completely reworked the siege system and balanced it closer to 1.50q. You can also expect some resolution changes.

Patreon announcement.

If you're not aware about what Patreon is, it's basically a donation site where you can support your favorite creators. Some of you have asked about ways to help, Patreon, in this case, would be your best bet. Once we develop the project further, our Patreon page will be a good place for us to post updates and supporter specials. All the info concerning our Patreon you'll be able to find by clicking the button bellow.


Nice job guys! I love this game and have played it for a long time in my childhood. Thanks for it

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cant wait for this. :)
does the devs of battle realm know of this?

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I hope they bring it back! This is the best strategy game ever

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