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GoldenEye: Source

A lot of you have been waiting and waiting for this, but the moment is here again. Goldeneye: Source is soon to be heading into it's second private...

GES Weekly Update 5/09/2007

GoldenEye: Source

Character development seems to be the topic of conversation over the last couple updates, and that's not just because I like to talk about them, being...

GES Weekly Update 4/29/2007

GoldenEye: Source 1 comment

There have been a number of questions recently asking when there will be an update available, what will be included, and what you guys can expect. And...

EGM Q&A with GoldenEye: Source & Media

GoldenEye: Source

Last month we sat down with the folks at EGM for a lengthy Q&A with Bruno A. and Myself, head over to our forums for the complete article. Onto some news...

GES Weekly Update 3/28/2007

GoldenEye: Source

I know, I know, Not even 3 updates into our little weekly update plan and I'm already late on one of them, by one day no less, but still late. There...

GES Weekly Update 3/20/2007

GoldenEye: Source

Here we are again, back for another weekly installment getting you updated on the latest from Goldeneye Source. This week has been a little more quiet...

GES Weekly Update 3/13/2007

GoldenEye: Source 1 comment

Our programmers have been pretty hard at work around the clock for the last week or so, fixing all sorts of problems that we've been trying to solve...

New Trailer and Info

GoldenEye: Source 2 comments

Hey guys, we're back on Moddb again, been awhile since we have made any sort of news post on the front page. The team and I have been very busy, in both...

Alpha release info

GoldenEye: Source 15 comments

Hey all, we are still around. We know we havent released many updates lately, but we are still working hard and making alot of progress behind closed...

December PC Zone magazine

GoldenEye: Source 4 comments

We were recently talked about in the new PC-Zone magazine. Almost a full page worth. We cant say how great it is to finally be recognized for our hard...

Sound Recording

GoldenEye: Source

Here is a look at what we have been up to for the last few weeks, and what research we have been doing. "Recording Guns for GoldenEye: Source&quot...

More Media

GoldenEye: Source 1 comment

Hello again. Its time for some more media. We've began alpha testing lately, adding new features, weapons, and finishing up on some maps. We are...

Interview with HeadCrabUnion

GoldenEye: Source

Recently we were asked by Sentinelrv of HeadCrabUnion. I recently got the chance to do an interview with the mod team behind GoldenEye: Source, which...

Media Update

GoldenEye: Source 11 comments

Hello again, Its time for that moment we've all been waiting for, Finally some skinned stuff!. Today we have the skinned pp7, throwing and hunting...

Large Media update

GoldenEye: Source 3 comments

Hello Again, Its time for another media update, a rather large media update. Today we have 5 new screenshots of the upcoming map Facility and Egyptian... Interview

GoldenEye: Source

Wednesday July 13 at 9PM EST ( -5GMT ). We will be having an interview with on teamspeak. GamerNode, is a fairly new 'News Site'...

More Media

GoldenEye: Source 7 comments

Hello again, Time for another press release, beginning to be a weekly habit now. Today we have 5 weapon renders, and the Cradle Theme. First We have the...

New Media Shots

GoldenEye: Source 14 comments

Hello again everyone, we have some more stuff to show you all, and a little bit of a progress report on the mod. We've been steadily making progress...

Goldeneye Source

GoldenEye: Source 5 comments

Yeah thats right goldeneye, many of you may have not known about our mod, Well now is the time you do. We've been working on this mod for about 5...

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