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Spirit of the Forest Keeper
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One of my more recent drawings, based upon the idea of drawing a single character with several animals. The Spirit of the Forest Keeper represents the spiritual essence of the innocent, the falsely accused and those murdered in cold blood, that all perished ages ago within the borders of Great Forest due to the acts of the wicked. Intent on preventing further defilement of its sanctity, the Great Forest reforged the spiritual energy of these restless fallen in the shape of towering man, clad in fur, tattered clothes and raged apparel of those foul individuals unfortunate enough to be claimed as the forests bounty. As the Great forest gave power in death to those who were weak in life to claim vengeance upon their wrongdoers, so in turn does it demand that their spirits in form of the Keeper defend it from those that wish to enter it with evil intent in their hearts, as well as those that cut, burn, and destroy the forest and its children without dire need. The Keeper is never alone while his watch stands, as he is usually accompanied by a multitude of the forests inhabitants, from avian and feline creatures to the smallest of forest critters. Although rarely seen and believed by many to be a simple myth to ward people of careless wandering, or folktale to warn people that punishment awaits those wicked in their ways, few elders are certain that woe betide the man that spills the blood of an innocent upon the grass of the Great Forest, for he himself will soon be claimed by the hand of a towering figure, never to be seen again.

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