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Warsword Conquest

Mod review

A wery interesting mod, exceptionaly large and full of diverse content. Gameplay is similar to your standart M and B experience but the extremly diverse factions and their units provide a wealth of fresh gaming momments.

On the artistic side, the mod has several extremely well made factions, mostly humanoid ones that are easy to make like the Empire, Dwarves, Brettonia or Kislev. As for the non-humanoid armies i find the lizardmen, pirate models a bit strange but i have no doubt that the team will improve them as they have started updating the Chaos faction and will work on others.

So far i had no stability and instalation issues.

In short, warsword conquest is one of the better Mount and Blade mods that offers a fresh dose of your mount and blade fix, that is well made, but may require a litle bit of polish in some areas,thats why it is a 9 out of 10.


The Eranthis Project

Mod review - 2 agree

A great ModPack that encompases a multitude of artistic aspects of DoW.Improves the look and quality of icons, sounds etc.,the best thing for this mod is the dedication and future planing of its author.


Edain Mod

Mod review

Third Age - Total War

Mod review
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