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Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

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The glitches are the only thing that make this entertaining on any level.


Orange Sun

Mod review


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EXE games are not normally good. This is not only a really refreshing spin on Pacman but is also quite scary for what it's worth. ;)


Rising Kingdoms

Game review

Tuning Mod v1.1 by Junior_Djjr

Mod review

Warcraft III: Nirvana

Mod review

Great base-mod for anyone wanting to make a huge project to WC3.

This mod has some very great features such as making fully-functional custom races with custom UI and sounds without having to overwrite anything existing, as well as numerous improved graphical features such as Real-Time Volume Shadows, Post-Processing, HDR, and Normal Maps.

This mod hugely updates WC3's graphics and provides a system for including limitless new things into WC3.

Although the base-mod to it could use some work, these features far far more then make up for it.


Forward to the Sky

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Very simple game, and is worth the 8 bucks even though it's kinda short. The soundtrack fits the game very well but the songs will get old if you get stuck or your trying to figure out how to get all the crystals.

The artwork and animation is just ******* awesome. It looks so cute and smooth.

There are some moments that will make you go "Wtf, what do I do" but you won't be stuck like that for long because the enviroments are very straight-forward and tightly packed.

It's a very solid 8/10 for me.

What I'd suggest to improve it:

There were a lot of glitches, but none of them were gamebreaking. A couple of them you also have to actively look for in order to see. One in particular is if you come at a box on it's corners it gets pushed in both directions making it spazz out and go a lot more forward a lot faster then normal.

Some other glitches involved the camera. When in an upside-down sequence it freaks out and is really hard to control. (I got a lot of panty shots though, I guess...)

There are some areas where you'll fall fast enough that the balloon will be called twice.

Some of the enemies were extremely annoying and kind of OP. Particularly the guys that make the crystal barrier.It's not hard to get down what you have to do against them, you have to totally focus on them before any one else. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time or actually end up dieing, which almost nothing else in the game will kill you except them.

The mechanics weren't quite that smooth. The boulder rolling and the low-gravity sequences were very hard to control at times. (Though thankfully it wasn't so god-aweful that it caused me to die.)

I was expecting another level to put everything I learned through the rest of the game to the test. Instead, I got level 5 that introduced some new things then straight to the ending boss battle that used nothing from the rest of the game.

Finally, I'd love to see combinations between the LMB and RMB attacks and the combat to be more interesting. Most of the enemy AI was extremely simplistic and the combat was only button-mashing. You didn't even need the second attack function unless you were getting a bit impatient. You also did not need the Backwards dash.


Annex: Conquer The World

Game review

Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review

This is an exceptionally well-done Horror game. There needs a few more polishes here and there, though. The random factor can really determine winning or losing, and for a game like this I don't really feel like that's a good thing. Also it's really hard to understand Freddy's AI.

The sound is absolutely flawless. And the look of it reminds me so much of mid to late PS1 graphics, such as Oddworld and Final Fantasy. Everything about it brings a nostalgic and horrifying feeling to the whole experience. This is definitely the next well-hit horror game.


SC Revolution Mod

Mod review

This is probably one of the best Extended SC1 Melee mods out there, hands down. Ontop of that, it even fixes some traditional SC1 graphic bugs. (Although it has a few of it's own too...)

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