This hasn't been updated in 8 years so, hey what's up. I'm Canadian and my picture is way out of date I no longer have crazy hair

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2015 oh f*ck

Anthony1138 Blog

Been awhile, oh well. I shall continue my mod or just move it to a different game and start over. I love jedi academy but its REALLY old, and I would like something new and fresher. like fallout, imagine darth malak in the wastes? yea I went there, not a promise however.In the lack of good star wars games I am bound to bring something of my tastes to the I have been busy, you see in my spare time I have become the real life Batman. I suck at being Batman I get beat up a lot but still save lives. lol ^ that wasn't to be taken seriously by the way


Anthony1138 Blog

Hey, this is neat i am typing a blog i dont useally do that, why? because i work for a living at a sawmill, and im 20.
But yea i am not here to discuss myself only my belifes. All reilgions fight over who is right, and who is wrong "my relgion is right yours is wrong" and atheists useally say "god isnt real your reilgions are wrong" why do people always like to be right "im right your wrong".

Humans are so stupid and simple minded (i would know) but its not completly doomed, there is still hope, hope for change, hope for people to evolve, make a differnce, not just stand aside and let others suffer, i would gladly run into a burning building and die to save one stranger, it is just who i am

We all have a calling, our own paths in life, and when we find it we start over again, we live in a cycle of death and rebirth, untill we come to know some huge lesson we are suppose to learn then we find true peace and happiness, we connect to what we came from

"it doesnt matter what nation you are from, or what reilgion you are in, we are all the same, one day it wont matter what planet you are from, because we are all the same sharing a common existence"

my life

Anthony1138 Blog

i went through alot of phases when growing up, and even more during high school untill i eventaully found myself.... i was hiding over there hehehe

but yea as a kid i was under weight, i was kinda stupid, insane.... and around teen years i was over weight, and in high school i was
grade9: star wars freak
grade 10: angry guy listening to death metal and wearing trence coat
grade 11 semester 1: hippie
grade 11 semester 2 .... "bunnies" that is more a ..word my friend discribed me and my girlfriend at the time
grade 12: insane, blarg blarg, skiping class, insane...kinda an ass,

well i graduated...oddly enough and now , im me, thats me,.. yup me...but the mirror thinks it can copy me? well ive got a suprise you for mirror DIE!!!

"FOR MANALORE" *guy steps on ants*

but yea guitar... for 5 years, its fun im better then you at it hahahaha
I CAN DO CRAZY SOLOS AND PLAYING WITH THE GUTIAR BEHIND MY HEAD....but i get a cramp after a while so im like OWOWWWWWW, and then i do soemthing stupid like type ebverything im thinking right now yes right now the phone is rining , no one is picking up, ok someone picked up....thats yeah.... blarg blarg blarbvg blarg blarbg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg that wasnt copy and pasted i just typed that over and over and over and voer and over andover and over and over gfor no reason what so ever, i am very bored and today im going to a friends house and ayay hang out with my best friend (shelly) and then i play guitar and eat COOKIES BECAUSE I AM THE COOKIE MONSTER AND I NEED MY FIX, muahhaha wait i dont even like cookies. NOOO MY LIFE IS OVER lol

i bet your all thinking ..what is he on? and here is my answer gfrjriegjiuihurhnrihfie DEATH RJGJRINGIOERIOGRUIOG MORBO DEMANDS FOR YOUR SOULS RJIOERIJRIOGJRJGIERNJ POO jgirgrgunr
and thats how i saved thwe world, anyway im making a mod and its kotor because kotor is smexy

yeah im really bored, i need maps, i also need to brush my teeth i havnt yet today, but i woke up like very soon ago too, yea im really bored, i j ust realized i typed alot in 2 minutes....meow meow meow meow meowm meowmjqwejipgfrnipipgrninkbg MSASH THE KEYBOARD....yea ..poop...hahahah COLBERT REPORT RULES

SLIPKNOT RULES..KORN...RAMMSTEIN.and iover bands..ok im bored of typing now..buhbye


rant? rant? AHHH

Anthony1138 Blog

hey im anthony, im 18 years old i finshed high school, and trying to get a job, i play gutiar for about 5 years now, i play and listen to metal , un metal old rock, and CRAZY GUITAR SOLOS omg i love those, i have an Ibanez guitar (best in the whole wide world) ^^

i love kotor . i didnt like kotor 2 that much because of the massive amount of PLOT HOLES
like star wars , xbox and almost everything adultswim makes (robot chicken and METALOCLPYACE0 dethkklok rules lol

yea my blog is just saying things about me...o did i mention? IM COMPLETELY INSANE? everyone insane and im the only sane one? oh well crazy people make the best friends cause they are the most entertaining, my best friend is from newfoundland, hes nuts and like only eats meat, but apperntly everyone from there is like that...o btw YAY GERMANY i have german family members so much im like 3/4 german.. or half dunno alot of them are dead so i cant really ask if they were full

pepsi rules, doritos rule, and also.....(cut off).......MORBO WILL DEVOUR ALL OF YOUR SOULS ....(wakes back up) sorry i blacked out for a minute lol

anyway thats just my blog im goign to work on a mod now buhbyes

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