This hasn't been updated in 8 years so, hey what's up. I'm Canadian and my picture is way out of date I no longer have crazy hair

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i went through alot of phases when growing up, and even more during high school untill i eventaully found myself.... i was hiding over there hehehe

but yea as a kid i was under weight, i was kinda stupid, insane.... and around teen years i was over weight, and in high school i was
grade9: star wars freak
grade 10: angry guy listening to death metal and wearing trence coat
grade 11 semester 1: hippie
grade 11 semester 2 .... "bunnies" that is more a ..word my friend discribed me and my girlfriend at the time
grade 12: insane, blarg blarg, skiping class, insane...kinda an ass,

well i graduated...oddly enough and now , im me, thats me,.. yup me...but the mirror thinks it can copy me? well ive got a suprise you for mirror DIE!!!

"FOR MANALORE" *guy steps on ants*

but yea guitar... for 5 years, its fun im better then you at it hahahaha
I CAN DO CRAZY SOLOS AND PLAYING WITH THE GUTIAR BEHIND MY HEAD....but i get a cramp after a while so im like OWOWWWWWW, and then i do soemthing stupid like type ebverything im thinking right now yes right now the phone is rining , no one is picking up, ok someone picked up....thats yeah.... blarg blarg blarbvg blarg blarbg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg that wasnt copy and pasted i just typed that over and over and over and voer and over andover and over and over gfor no reason what so ever, i am very bored and today im going to a friends house and ayay hang out with my best friend (shelly) and then i play guitar and eat COOKIES BECAUSE I AM THE COOKIE MONSTER AND I NEED MY FIX, muahhaha wait i dont even like cookies. NOOO MY LIFE IS OVER lol

i bet your all thinking ..what is he on? and here is my answer gfrjriegjiuihurhnrihfie DEATH RJGJRINGIOERIOGRUIOG MORBO DEMANDS FOR YOUR SOULS RJIOERIJRIOGJRJGIERNJ POO jgirgrgunr
and thats how i saved thwe world, anyway im making a mod and its kotor because kotor is smexy

yeah im really bored, i need maps, i also need to brush my teeth i havnt yet today, but i woke up like very soon ago too, yea im really bored, i j ust realized i typed alot in 2 minutes....meow meow meow meow meowm meowmjqwejipgfrnipipgrninkbg MSASH THE KEYBOARD....yea ..poop...hahahah COLBERT REPORT RULES

SLIPKNOT RULES..KORN...RAMMSTEIN.and iover bands..ok im bored of typing now..buhbye


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