This hasn't been updated in 8 years so, hey what's up. I'm Canadian and my picture is way out of date I no longer have crazy hair

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hey im anthony, im 18 years old i finshed high school, and trying to get a job, i play gutiar for about 5 years now, i play and listen to metal , un metal old rock, and CRAZY GUITAR SOLOS omg i love those, i have an Ibanez guitar (best in the whole wide world) ^^

i love kotor . i didnt like kotor 2 that much because of the massive amount of PLOT HOLES
like star wars , xbox and almost everything adultswim makes (robot chicken and METALOCLPYACE0 dethkklok rules lol

yea my blog is just saying things about me...o did i mention? IM COMPLETELY INSANE? everyone insane and im the only sane one? oh well crazy people make the best friends cause they are the most entertaining, my best friend is from newfoundland, hes nuts and like only eats meat, but apperntly everyone from there is like that...o btw YAY GERMANY i have german family members so much im like 3/4 german.. or half dunno alot of them are dead so i cant really ask if they were full

pepsi rules, doritos rule, and also.....(cut off).......MORBO WILL DEVOUR ALL OF YOUR SOULS ....(wakes back up) sorry i blacked out for a minute lol

anyway thats just my blog im goign to work on a mod now buhbyes

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