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Rest-in-Peace Studio Liverpool/Good Morning Slipstream GX

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Studio Liverpool (along with a few other European studios controlled by Sony) have been closed down. I don't have links to the various articles, but I will have some in this post soon.

To some it up, Studio Liverpool was once an independent company known as Psygnosis. In 1995, they made a game for the PS1 known as WipEout, which defined an entire generation of both games and gamers. The franchise sold hundreds if not thousands of copies, and then in 1996 they made a sequel, known as WipEout 2097, and in 1999 Wip3out.

Psygnosis was then acquired by Sony, and were renamed to Studio Liverpool.

On August 21, a well known member of Studio Liverpool had passed away. The very next day, Sony had begun closing down its various studios in Europe.

For at least a year, I have been assisting some friends in the development of a WipEout-inspired Fan-Game named Slipstream GX. With Studio Liverpool gone, the WipEout Zone community is all that's holding it all together. However, this means that Slipstream GX has become the spiritual successor to WipEout, and we want to make it as good as possible to show people that AG racing will never die. Today, as my gift to both the ModDB community and the WipEout Zone community, I am bringing Slipstream GX to ModDB, one step at a time.

As a side note, my other project isn't dead. However, I will have a helping hand this time around.

Starting new Source SDK project

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

Yeah, since this is my own personal blog, I will try to keep it short. I am starting my first Source SDK project. It involves use of Portal 2 Authoring Tools. In case you haven't been paying attention to my recent activity on the group page for Combustable Lemon Studios, I am trying to recreate TAG: The Power of Paint, but with an Aperture Science Twist. No Portals, just paint (metaphorically speaking). This time, however, it will be much less of a platformer and much more of a puzzle game. I am still trying to decide on wether or not it should include Co-Op.

If you want to volunteer, just write a comment on my blog or join the group: Combustible Lemon Studios
Combustible Lemon Studios company

To celebrate the 21st Division

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

To celebrate my account reaching Rank 21, I have a special treat for all of you. I am about to tell you why I put the number 21 on that Vulture in the banner image.

One of my favorite Science Fiction franchises is Robotech. My favorite segment was the third portion, originally a seperate show titled "Genesis Climber Mospeada" in Japan. If you watch the intro, you will instantly see why it was so awesome. No computers were used to make it, instead it was done entirely with Hand-Drawn animations, and that gave it a quality unlike what you see in modern shows.

If I were to bring any shows back to life, Robotech and Mospeada would be the first.

Here is a link to the Mospeada Intro

Looks like the world didn't end.

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

The guy who made the prediction was wrong many times before, and he was wrong again this time. Alright, I'll see you all again, next Judgement Day. Enjoy some of my pictures while you're unpacking your 72-hour kits.

Thank you for listening.

Also, please sign up for EVE Online:

P.S.: I don't want anybody saying "God doesn't exist", because not only is it offensive, but you have no evidence to support your claims that he does or doesn't exist.

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Is the world really ending?

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

Personally, I think it is total BS. Not only would we be experiencing all kinds of disasters, both natural and unnatural, but what proof does anyone have that it will happen? And how can anyone predict when it will happen? We can't even get an accurate weather forecast.

Every time someone said it would end, it didn't. At first, people said it would end in the year 2000, but it didn't. And just recently they were saying it would end in 2012, but now they are saying it will end on May 21st this year, when it hasn't even reached 2012 yet.

If it is assumed to happen because of the "curses" of modern society, forget it. Capitalism, War, and even Explicit Media have existed since the beginning of time. War is part of human nature, as well as the nature of all living things.

If people think it is because of Global Warming, then they are stupid. Global Warming has happened many times before, and each time it happened, the opposite happened soon afterwards. It is part of nature. And it isn't even being caused by humans, but by nature itself. A single volcanic eruption releases more pollution than the entire race could create in 100 years. If this planet gets used up, technology will allow humans to move to another planet before it happens. If we don't move to a new home, evolution will allow us to adapt to the altered climate.

According to many ancient civilizations, which were most likely more advanced in both Science and Technology, 2012 is just the end of this "Cycle of Time", and we might just be entering a new Age. Wether or not it is a good one, such as the Golden Age, or a bad one, such as the Dark Age, all depends on what happens leading up to it.

But just in case, remember to pack your supplies, take your vitamins, pretend your hilarious, and live like each minute could be your last. And why worry about death? I would try not to, because nobody lives forever. When you are about to die, think about how good your life has been. If you didn't have a good life, then be glad it is about to be over. And in the event you had an average life, I will repeat myself: Nobody lives forever.

Good night, everyone. And don't die.

Enjoy the following Document:

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Minature Bermuda?

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

I made a minature bermuda triangle at my desk about an hour ago, and it is sitting in front of me right now. You can look up the Bermuda Triangle on Google. Maybe if I made it bigger, I could end up with an actual Bermuda Triangle, and thus simulate the effects of it. The real Bermuda Triangle faces west, and if I point the Triangle of Bucky Balls towards my monitor, it is facing west. One man flew east through the Bermuda Triangle and ended up back in Miami Florida, which was west of the Bermuda Triangle. And he said that he went forward in time 30 minutes because the trip took 50 minutes when it was suppossed to take 80, and he thinks that if he went in the other direction, he would have been vaporized entirely. I decided to do an experiment by taking a metal tube from my garage. Before the experiment, it was brand new, but when I moved it east through my minature Bermuda Triangle, it was all rusty, as if it had aged. Of course, the rust might just be my imagination, or the Brand New appearance from before might have been my imagination, but you might never know. I will continue to invistigate.
Minature Bermuda Triangle
Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder

These images were taken after the experiment. I used a sheet of paper in 3 of the images because it was too hard to see the cylinder on my desk otherwise.

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I am officialy starting a new project

AmaroqDricaldari Blog

The details on this project are still classified, but I will give you some hints:

- It will be a series of games, books, and possibly even movies
- They will be based on my interests and franchises that I love
- I am planning on them being as epic as possible and will hopefully push the limits of what they are based on

In the end, it will pay off. I can tell you that much.

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