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Personally, I think it is total BS. Not only would we be experiencing all kinds of disasters, both natural and unnatural, but what proof does anyone have that it will happen? And how can anyone predict when it will happen? We can't even get an accurate weather forecast.

Every time someone said it would end, it didn't. At first, people said it would end in the year 2000, but it didn't. And just recently they were saying it would end in 2012, but now they are saying it will end on May 21st this year, when it hasn't even reached 2012 yet.

If it is assumed to happen because of the "curses" of modern society, forget it. Capitalism, War, and even Explicit Media have existed since the beginning of time. War is part of human nature, as well as the nature of all living things.

If people think it is because of Global Warming, then they are stupid. Global Warming has happened many times before, and each time it happened, the opposite happened soon afterwards. It is part of nature. And it isn't even being caused by humans, but by nature itself. A single volcanic eruption releases more pollution than the entire race could create in 100 years. If this planet gets used up, technology will allow humans to move to another planet before it happens. If we don't move to a new home, evolution will allow us to adapt to the altered climate.

According to many ancient civilizations, which were most likely more advanced in both Science and Technology, 2012 is just the end of this "Cycle of Time", and we might just be entering a new Age. Wether or not it is a good one, such as the Golden Age, or a bad one, such as the Dark Age, all depends on what happens leading up to it.

But just in case, remember to pack your supplies, take your vitamins, pretend your hilarious, and live like each minute could be your last. And why worry about death? I would try not to, because nobody lives forever. When you are about to die, think about how good your life has been. If you didn't have a good life, then be glad it is about to be over. And in the event you had an average life, I will repeat myself: Nobody lives forever.

Good night, everyone. And don't die.

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