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I made a minature bermuda triangle at my desk about an hour ago, and it is sitting in front of me right now. You can look up the Bermuda Triangle on Google. Maybe if I made it bigger, I could end up with an actual Bermuda Triangle, and thus simulate the effects of it. The real Bermuda Triangle faces west, and if I point the Triangle of Bucky Balls towards my monitor, it is facing west. One man flew east through the Bermuda Triangle and ended up back in Miami Florida, which was west of the Bermuda Triangle. And he said that he went forward in time 30 minutes because the trip took 50 minutes when it was suppossed to take 80, and he thinks that if he went in the other direction, he would have been vaporized entirely. I decided to do an experiment by taking a metal tube from my garage. Before the experiment, it was brand new, but when I moved it east through my minature Bermuda Triangle, it was all rusty, as if it had aged. Of course, the rust might just be my imagination, or the Brand New appearance from before might have been my imagination, but you might never know. I will continue to invistigate.
Minature Bermuda Triangle
Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder Minature Bermuda - Cylinder

These images were taken after the experiment. I used a sheet of paper in 3 of the images because it was too hard to see the cylinder on my desk otherwise.

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