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Thief Gold HD Texture Mod

Mod review

The Dark Mod (Standalone)

Mod review - 1 agree

It is exactly what the fans have wanted and precisely what new thief game should have been.


Ghost Master

Game review

Sniper Elite

Game review - 1 disagree

fantastic game, goes great with the matrix ost also.. :P



Mod review

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Game review - 3 agree

probably the best and hardest shooting game i ever played, every mistake was your last.


F.E.A.R. 2

Game review - 3 disagree

I speak about the PC version.

compared to the original game this game plays like a piece of **** ported straight from a consol box. It was supposed to be a psychological horror first person shooter, it -completely failed- to provide any horror aspects besides the overuse of gore images, thus as a horror game it ||completely flat out failed||.

Pace: the first game, had the pace right by allowing the player to -walk- why in gods name they removed the ability to walk in FEAR 2 I will never know, it shatters any hope of generating suspense because you are forced to take in information much faster than you want to, so you have to dismiss most of it.

the first game and its expensions had everything down to a T, intelligent enemies, hard difficulty meant hard gameplay, good graphics, a wide veriety of weapons, exciting use of map layouts for combat, extremely well excuted areas of the map designed to generate suspense (which is almost as critical as the scare you get at the climax of the suspense) and most importantly of all and the whole point of the game, a **** ton of extremely scary moments that literally make you think twice about continuing, some making you jump right out of your chair.

Fear 2: the enemies were too easy to defeat even on hard, they were not intelligent at all, they replaced the creepy quiet static of the first games with a loud blaring static noise in an attempt to recover some kind of scare factor which just remains missing throught the entire game. The use of gore was often so much it actually just detracted from the game. you cant walk, and therefore cant take in the level at a slower pace creating a build up for something to happen, you just are forced to run and gun through the whole thing.

The |only| thing FEAR 2 has going for it is the level designs, in Fear 2 they are without a doubt fantastic. But minus any scare factor only makes them half as good as they truly should and could have been.


F.E.A.R. Resurrection

Mod review

GoldenEye: Source

Mod review

Discovery Freelancer 2019

Mod review
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