FEAR Resurrection - is an alternative addon to the original game. So, the story is built around the hunting Paxton Fettel and intersects with another game from Monolith Productions - Condemned: Criminal Origins.

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This is a very good mod, the mapping is really good, but its kinda hard to fight the AI when there is so many alternative routes to go choose from, also the Soundtrack management is good just like F.E.A.R. was, but I it could sound even deeper, and bit more subtile and varied though it was still good, performance is odd, while I am able to run any F.E.A.R. game above 70 fps, this one ran at 20 fps sometimes, I noticed that it uses a lot of water and apparently the water is reflecting and refracting all geometry within it's range that might be probably it, even in the original F.E.A.R. most of the water found through the game only refracts certain pre-rendered scenery, while in this mod its refracting everything in real-time. 9/10 goes to this mod, we do not see F.E.A.R. mods every day, it has it's minor flaws but nothing is perfect, in general I enjoyed it, the use of Condemned Criminal Origin's soundtracks was also a fitting addition.


This is a very god addon.Sometimes difficult.Want to note the excellent mapping. In general, an excellent work on the 10!




This is great!

We wish for you to finish it all.

A solid mod.

The level of detail and work done here makes this mod into more of an "Unofficial Expansion Pack". It's that good.

The promised crossover with the Condemned series (another favorite) is even more exciting.


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This was, this is and this will be the greates mod for F.E.A.R. a fan can find on the internet. :)

You would probably say that it would be better to have this modification based on F.E.A.R. 2, or the third game in the series. Some people agree with this point of view, but I don't as the first game in the series has some significant and amazing features that were lately lost in the other games that followed. What are they? For me it's amazing when a wounded enemy falls on the ground and slowly tries to get up. You shoot your enemy to his shoulder and he gets turned 180 degress being desintegrated for a little while. You throw a grenade to heavy assault unit and he falls on his back because of the blast wave. The lists goes on a little bit.

Actually, F.E.A.R. was one of the first games in first person shoter genre that had quite outstanding "artificial intellegence" many people and critics were amazed of. However, to completely understand this game's AI you must play it on the highest difficulty available and if you do manage to complete the modification that way without too much deaths then it means you take the game seriously and do commit.

The fact is you can play games two opposite ways. First one, when you are full of energy and motivated. Second one, when you return back from home and just want to relax.
Two ways = two different outcomes.

Finally, for me F.E.A.R. is not about graphics but about all the tactics (when to strike, when to fall back, when to throw a grenade) you implement during all various possible encounters with your enemies.

E.g. Being almost dead you are in a corridor, there is a door in front of you. You know that in a second a heavy assault unit and couple of replica soldiers will burst through it so you prepeared last grenade. The only possible solution you came up is to rush. So, a second later you threw the grenade, it exploaded and threw several replicants on their backs. One managed to stay on his foot and fired several successful shots before you killed him. Eventually you rushed down the following staircase and found a medkit. Some time later you will consider the encounter to be quite cinematographic, "movie" like. That's the way I persept F.E.A.R.

Lastly, you know what? If you play seriously you simply don't have time at all to think about not open world game implementation and sometimes poor level design. So let LOD be for Crysis 3 and save frames per second for F.E.A.R. to conserve better performance!

That's it, thank you sadobash for your masterpiece!


This is the hardest to beat mod i ever played!!! Five years and still looks great. Can't wait to play more...


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