All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Jul 2 2012 Anchor
  • GDI)

VETERAN TRAINING SUPPORT POWER) Could also enhance soldiers.

The effect of ion cannon needs to improve, appears to be incomplete. the laser can also improve
the barrel of the MG doesnt rotate.
Jump Jet should recharge after use it.

dont have the call for transport ability.

old rig image appears when holding the two mouse buttons
for best results, should increase the firing range

update the display icon

animation problems with the turbine

the windshield doesnt show reflections as in the other units

could be added to the model some firing ports to the soldiers shoot from inside the ship

the barrel of the MG doesnt rotate.

the engines dont spin too

Smart Bombs throwing 3 bombs instead of 2(which is very weak).

many problems with the units animation, mainly with the Walkers.

make it back it was before, cheap ($ 500) and without leaving the ship on the battlefield.
->Why? becouse you can only use that ability in the last tear, when the money is already low..
so, if you want the ship to stay in the battlefield, buy it at the airport.
#and the loading speed of the units can be faster.
#and this could call in a ship for soldiers to use it without the firing ports , just for the pure movement:

make the transportation to be slightly more vulnerable.
to avoid droping the soldiers in the middle of the enemy base without consequences.

decrease the value to 2250 and give only two snipers.

Decrease the radius of impact.

When it was Jump Jet was much more useful, and fit with the GDI.

leave the anphibious mode to Scrins only.

the effect of animation needs to improve, it appears to be incomplete

and the range is also too long

I wanted to expand further this idea

->SENSOR PODS) Make the ability doesnt requires money to use. And most importantly, give the ability of CLEAR SKY (from Disruptor) and when used, the sensor gets destroyed in the process.
->PULSE SCAN) Like the Sensor Pod, when used can Detect Stealth and CLEAR SKY.
->SONIC EMMITER) First, change the name to DISRUPT TOWER fafafar better. And make the Disruption Storms a skill equal to the Disruptor Ability.

Now I really think this would be more interesting:

Instead of having the ability Stealth Detector, replace it with 1 Rocket Launcher Battery, like the Mammoth / MRLs / Orca Rig, much more useful.

  • NOD)

AVATAR PURIFIER CANNON) Have a durable fire, like the Vertigo Bomb.

could also enhance soldiers (like the Veteran Training)

if the stealth portable generator could capable of reaching soldiers, the Cyborg Commando will not have the need for a stealth generator upgrade.
and instead, give the ability of RAGE GENERATOR (remember Redeemer?), very useful! it has the same function of Hallucinogenic Grenades, for those who dont know what the Rage Generator is.

When get the enhanced tiberium missiles, the missiles flash to green, but return to the previous color.

lack most of the animation, appears to be incomplete.

Increase by 2 the ammunition

increase the value to $1850.

Missing the animation in Nod Operation Center when released, it just disappears.

Making The Scarap Apc vulnerable to attack until the fanatics come out of the vehicle. Like the Drop Pods of GDI, for a chance to avoid direct attacks on the bases. The Apc its currently invincible, and the fanatics are very strong.

Capture own units.

Increasing the radius range to make it more useful.

Decrease the value to $1,500

Decrease the value to $500 (as the Sensor Pods of GDI)

The vehicles, moments before they leave the ground, could pop up a dusty, serving as a warning to the outbreak at the site.

just few silly things that caught my attention

SCARAP APC and SCORPION TANK) Are the only ones that have glass windshield color of the team, instead of mirrored like the other units.
SABOTER and SHADOW SQUAD) Saboter could have the helmet color based on the team color, as is the Shadow Squad. However the Shadow Squad have a problem of texture that makes the helmet seems to be divided in half.

  • SCRIN)

GRAVITY STABILIZER) when destroyed, continues to launch the Ion Storm for a long time.
Its Ion Storm Gravity Stabilizer shouldnt contain Thunders attack, and only be used to repair and intensify the attack of the ships.

As the range of Ion Storm is very large, Ion Storm should fill over the site's reach.

should be able to benefit from Ion Storm Generator upgrade, as the Manta. But using an Ion Storm short range.

When many of them use the Warp, they all appear at the same point

->They dont get veterancy!

METEOR STRIKE) Decreasing the radius range and makes it very destructive. and could destroy anything except the Construction Yard or a superweapon.
Or increase the radius of impact, because the damage is still very weak compared to Opponets Support Powers (terraforming, chemical missile)

#ANNIHILATOR TRIPOD) Should no longer benefit from the Tiberium Enhancement because it already has the Heavy ForceField. Instead, give the ability Conversion Beam of the Devourer
#RAVANGE GUNSHIP) Pick up and Drop Units with a Warp mechanism (Star Trek style), so loading and unloading would be faster and more useful.

I had two ideas to make him more useful
-> Its dropped in the ground (not in the unit), with a low radius of vision. after a pass by enemy, it attaches itself to him, starting to have his range of vision, leaving him sluggish and preventing attacks. until it is cured.
-> after it attaches itself to an enemy, it hurts him (as the Terror Drone from Red Alert)

Change its attack. Its shot is too similar to the Tiberium Particle from Nod

I wanted to see out a weapon based on Dark Matter, without the tiberium effect..I think it would be great in Stalwart.


TIBERIUM) the created new tiberium environment not allow buildings to be built upon, a good example to realize it, is in TE DUELING ISLANDS map, as it limits the player to build just in a few places. this may affect future maps that use these tiberium environments.

->wreckage of falling ships make damage on the ground units/buildings, it is possible to do this?

->Pitbull healing in tiberium?

->think the missiles of the Humvee should be taked out.. Pitbull already have it.

->nod garrison infantry throws Hallucinogenic Grenades automatically, which in fact I prefer!

->why not make the Chemical Missile clear garrison? even because, his job is to get rid of infantry

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GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Jul 4 2012 Anchor

arthur_balen wrote:
I wanted to expand further this idea

->SENSOR PODS) Make the ability doesnt requires money to use. And most importantly, give the ability of CLEAR SKY (from Disruptor) and when used, the sensor gets destroyed in the process.
->PULSE SCAN) Like the Sensor Pod, when used can Detect Stealth and CLEAR SKY.
->SONIC EMMITER) First, change the name to DISRUPT TOWER fafafar better. And make the Disruption Storms a skill equal to the Disruptor Ability.

So, first off, the words 'sensor' and 'scan' imply passive waves (usually radio, or microwave) to detect something. Therefore they wouldn't be able to do anything during a tib storm. in fact, I think they actually shouldn't work during those.
I don't know what you're talking about whenever it comes to to having a 'disruption storm skill'.

arthur_balen wrote:
As the range of Ion Storm is very large, Ion Storm should fill over the site's reach.

Hmm, I almost agree with this, maybe make the radius of the storm larger, definitely, but to have it take up the full radius would be bad for two reasons: One, it would give away your position. Two, lightning doesn't need a cloud to strike, so it doesn't make sense.

arthur_balen wrote:
#PARASITIC DRONE - RAVANGE ABILITY) I had two ideas to make him more useful
-> Its dropped in the ground (not in the unit), with a low radius of vision. after a pass by enemy, it attaches itself to him, starting to have his range of vision, leaving him sluggish and preventing attacks. until it is cured.
-> after it attaches itself to an enemy, it hurts him (as the Terror Drone from Red Alert)

Yes to making it a unit, no to the damaging effect. I liked the limpet mines from TibSun, and making the drones do damage just gives it away.


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Aug 11 2012 Anchor

I agree with just about everything that you have stated, arthur_balen. Here are my ideas:
GDI Outpost - I like that it has stealth detection, but I think you are onto something with your idea. When deployed, what if instead it opens up 1 or maybe 2 (whichever is more balanced) garrisonable slots for infantry? Same idea as the Reckoner in Kane's Wrath, but for the GDI outpost. I can see this being useful, especially during the earlier stages of expansion. I don't think this will make the Dig In Ability by Riflemen less useful either.

Nod Cyborg Commando - It'd be awesome if he had a few new abilities that would make him more formidable. Fear Aura upgrade, that was suggested by M0nkfish, that would hinder enemy units within the radius, and possibly also enhance friendly cyborgs, similar to a Propaganda Tower but without the Nod hologram. Virus upgrade, a projectile that can be launched from his newly upgraded shoulder launcher and would explode on impact (could have the same, but smaller, visual effect as Rage from Redeemer in KW). This virus should only affect enemy vehicles/cyborgs for a few seconds, that'd slow their movement, drain there life, and suppress their firing abilities.
So in all, here's an idea for the newly equipped CC:
- shot off legs just before death (in homage to TS) + tib explosion on death (that could harm any nearby enemy units)
- Fear Aura (replaces stealth ability)
- Virus/Overload for anti-vehicles/cyborgs (replaces Overcharge - then, also return the original firing sound effect for primary gun, like in 1.4 and TS)
- he keeps the Flame Thrower

Drilling Mechanism - That would be a very nice touch to have a cloud of dust for at least a second or two before any unit surfaces - I really like that idea! Just use the dust animation, or something very similar to that, for when the Zone Drop Pods are being dropped. Also, is it possible to code it so there is time delay (the length of time is based on the distance that the unit needs to travel) instead of instantly popping out no matter how far it needed to travel? For example, it sounds possible to do something like this: from 0 - x cells, have unit take 1 time, between x - xx cells, have unit take 2 time, and so on.

Subterranean Strike Support Power - Let's lose the fanatics and have the Scarab APC drop off a ranked cyborg squad and 1 or 2 ranked rocket soldiers. Didn't care much for the looks of fanatics anyway (looked like New York Jets fans with strapped demolitions). I agree the APC should be vulnerable when unloading, just to be fair with other support powers. Or, instead of the Scarab APC dropping off units, replace it altogether with 2 - 3 Hunter Seeker/Limpet Drones coming out from the ground (these I will talk about in more detail further down)

Sam Turret - I've noticed that people miss the hub for this. I personally don't. Carnius' aim was to have less clutter within the base, and he succeeded. Plus, to me it was kinda an eye sore to see all of these black wires laying around anyway. It's perfectly fine that the other turrets (which will mostly be placed outside the base) have the hub, though.

Annhilator - I think it should keep the Tiberium Enhancement upgrade ability, or else have it come already with that ability.

Ravage gunship transport - that would be so slick and fitting for Scrin units to warp into this transport when directly under it, rather than having the ravager land. Very much in favor of!

Call for Transport Ability - I am happy Carnius made carryalls buildable, since if I wanted to use a carryall for a while and make multiple pickups and drop offs with it, I'll purchase it at the Airfield. However, when I want to make a single transportation (used by call for transport) from point A to B, I think the transport should exit the map after dropping off its load, like it used to. Also, probably better for balance, the ones from the Call for Transport ability shouldn't have the firing ports (but the ones purchased from the Airfield should) and so these transport models should be slightly different from one another to distinguish the difference. That way it costs less, isn't just sitting there when done with it (can easily add up if you transport a lot) and less to manage. So I 2nd arthur_balen's suggestion!

Amphibious Propulsion - I'm okay with all hovering vehicles from all factions to have this ability (just need to work out the glitches/bugs), but bringing back the Jump Jet ability for GDI's hovercrafts isn't a bad idea. That way, it will almost equal Nod's drilling ability.

Other Comments Worth Mentioning


Predator Tank - I really liked Carnius' nice design of the latest Predator Tank as seen here (not sure if it's exactly the same as 1.4 Predator) and it'd be too bad if it couldn't be used - it looks good - so I was thinking of ways for bringing it back: I was thinking some sort of reinforcement squad (could be like in 1.4) that can be called in via support power, Orbital Deployment Center, or somewhere.

GDI Condor/Carryall - Is it just me, or do these load/unload units a bit too slow? Especially if the Ravager could be made so it doesn't have to land to pick up infantry (but by teleportation), I think these two should be sped up a bit, and maybe even Nod's Nightwing too.

Mobile EMP - I feel something additional needs to be done with this unit to make it worth purchasing. Maybe increasing it's firing range? but keep the 5 sec disable the same. Also, maybe have a super charged up version of the pulse that also deals slight damage within a certain radius to vehicles and structures (but not infantry). Anyway, just something more about it is needed I think.

Firehawk - I actually like EA's attempt at designing the Firehawk's wings. It isn't bad, but I do believe the overall design can be improved, especially the very narrow mid-section. What I have in mind that I think will make it look better and more believable is if Carnius designed a similar body to an F-35 Lightning II, but have the "V-style" wings and the fins near the cockpit similar to the Firehawk. Something like this is exactly what I mean

Medic - When the unit is selected, the medic has a symbol of a tool from the engineer. I'm not sure if this is intentional, to have the engineer and medic have the same symbol, just like the commandos and special mutant units have the "jolly roger" symbol. At least it's an easy fix to make a cross if it is an accident.

Orca Rig - Have the useful Repair Vehicle icon available for when the rig is deployed, so that way you can select which unit(s) take priority to repair, just like at a War Factory or deployed Phantom.

Disruptor - I really love the weapon design that Carnius brought back from TS, but just like arthur_balen, I also think the animation can be improved a little bit. The waves can be made to appear to flow better and be less choppy when disappearing; maybe each wave can also fade out rather than just suddenly disappear.

Jumpjet Infantry - This has his armor set too high against certain things and needs to be lowered in those areas. I feel like no matter what is shooting at it, it is more tough than the Orca Fighter, which to me isn't right. I think I know why the JJI seems tougher - so that it is still desirable even when an Orca Fighter is around, which then leads into the next topic.

Orca Fighter - This has been a controversial topic, but I honestly think it is not necessary (may look cool) for it to have the MG. I know, the Orca Fighter has always been the icon of GDI's air support, as it's been around since the first tiberium war, and this can be showcased by making it have good vs all weaponry, but still we must consider what is better for balance and what doesn't rob another unit of it's usefulness/ability; I feel the unit getting hurt/left out is mainly the Jumpjet Infantry, but also possibly the Condor with infantry. To me, it's almost like adding a MG to the Titan; now think of how that would affect things. If it is to keep the MG, I can live with it, but it should be purchasable at Airfield for at least $1000 or maybe $1500, not pre-built with it already. Then, keep it how it is with the Orca needing to switch between rockets and MG before shooting and its MG firepower low (just so long as long as it's no more than the Jumpjet Infantry's FP without the sub-calibre upgrade - then let's lower the JJI's armor). Oh and, as arthur_balen had previously mentioned for the Fighter, the turbines need animation.


Voice of Kane Tower - Would it be a bad idea to bring this back from Kane's Wrath? Maybe not necessary, especially if you get it from the Avatar, but I thought it was kind of a nice touch in a Nod base :)

Shadow Team - Do away with the entirely glass helmets and come up with better helmets. I've just come across an image of Nod soldiers submitted by CM32, I think that body and head with the mask (minus the hood) looks leagues better as a model replacement for the Shadow Team. Or, I imagine the shadow team might look similar to Snake Eyes from GI Joe, but with red goggles. Also, for added realism in visuals, their wings should not be colored entirely by their house color, but rather a dark grey or maybe black (after all, they are "shadow team" not "easy target team") with just a couple lines or the Nod logo(s) displaying the house color for player to know.

Saboteur - Also do away with the glass helmet for the Saboteur. As for that large inspector gadget hand, something needs to be done about that... I like that it's a mechanical hand, but at least make it smaller (or change the looks of the hand another way) so that it looks much better.

Infantry Compartment - I don't think it's necessary to have this upgrade for the Nightwing - just allow it to load either type of unit. Besides, I found a bug with this for when I was out of cash, I couldn't make the upgrade, even when I later did have cash - it was annoying. Otherwise, fixing the bug also, have it be Vehicle Compartment upgrade and give it a slightly different model to resemble the upgrade.

Nod MCV - As much as I actually think the unpacked EA Nod MCV model and animation looks cool, it needs to go. It should be a more realistic design and I think making it very similar in design to the Tiberian Sun MCV would be fitting for TE Nod MCV.

Cyborg Reaper - "Ownership ring" needs to be corrected from GDI's octagon style to Nod's triangular style. Also, I really like that Carnius bulked up the Avatar and Cyborg Commando, but I'd like the Reaper to be a little more slender in the torso area with the rocket packs on its shoulders a little smaller too. Also, a simple upgrade that'd boost its speed could be nice. It just seems like these were quicker in TS. Plus it's an upgrade, we all like upgrades!

Phantom - The Nod "ownership ring" is missing and should have one just like the rest of the units. Also, it should have the Repair Vehicle icon when still mobile, but at least it has it when deployed.

Stealth Generator - Have the orb rotate as an animation, just like the one when the Phantom is deployed.

Air Tower - I miss the ambient lights that were inside of the original Air Tower but aren't in the new version. I thought that looked nice and added depth to the structure. Maybe also have a hatch/door for the center (maybe in the shape of a small pyramid) that splits into 4 triangles, which flip open when an air unit is about to exit and close after it exits. We should rename the Air Tower, since it's hardly a tower now ;) Air Pad? Also, the windows should be painted to match the house color, just like with the Construction Yard and Secret Shrine.

Stealth Tank - This vehicle design had a bit of controversy amongst fans. I was somewhere in the middle. I appreciate his respect to the original with his very good looking model, but at the same time, I would've liked it if the stealth tank had an update or facelift, just like what he did to the Titan and Wolverine. I have to admit, when I saw this image I fell in love with it and thought it was perfect - it's sleek, stealth-like and still appears to be a tank. I would really like it if Carnius at least had this track setup - to me, this track design makes it appear to be more agile and quick for a tank, which of course is very fitting for the Stealth Tank.

Harpy/Venom - As for the Harpy, I really do like Carnius' new model and don't have a problem with it having a rotor blade, but I also thought the original venom was fine too and sad to see it go. I am thinking what if, his current Harpy had an upgrade, say at the Airfield, where it upgrades it's speed (nerf the original speed a bit so when it's upgraded, it's similar to how it is now) and some other benefit(s) (like capable of hiding from radar for a period of time because it's more silent) so that way when purchased, it'll look something similar to the venom with VTOL turbines? And is it just me, or does anyone else think the sound of the rotors are a bit too loud in comparison to the other surrounding sounds? Just so long as it isn't louder than the current Firehawk's engine sound effect.

"Parasitic Drone" - The concept of the Terror Drone from RA2 would be awesome and very fitting for Scrin. If not for the aforementioned Hunter Seeker/Limpet Drone combo for Nod, definitely this.

Assimilator - It seems like the AI are able to "cheat" with the Blink ability by teleporting a longer distance than human players can.

General Animations - Most are incomplete, for example, the tracks don't move when unit is in motion. Also, for the unit tabs requiring a certain structure for it to be built, it needs to show that it needs it, for example the Ghost Stalker "Requires: Tech Lab"

Tiberium Fiend - Give them the ability to burrow into the ground (maybe only allowable in an area in or by tiberium, if possible) which cloaks them or makes them appear to the enemy as green harvestable tiberium (but non-harvestable, of course). This will be a great way to ambush harvesters or other passerbys. Change their hoof-like feet to have more menacing looking claws, which helps them for their burrowing. I'd like it better if they weren't allowed to garrison inside of vehicles, because they are too big for that ability. Also, improve the animation of their moving legs, so that they bend naturally and aren't stiff looking.


Inverted team logos - Not at all a big deal, but if it were easy to fix, it'd look nice for consistency if logos were all correct, especially on things where it really stands out, like Nod's Air Tower.

The random crates - Is it possible to not have the older styled units spawn from crates, but just Carnius' new designs? Some people actually want to keep some of these older units for just crates, and I also do like variety, but I honestly think they now look out of place and really have no benefit over what Carnius has designed. On the topic of crates, I also think the "random" crates should spawn a bit more frequently than the "labeled" crates, just so it becomes more of a gamble for players pursuing crates.

EMP Station - I am fine with most of the current looks of this structure, namely the base portion. What I wouldn't mind seeing getting replaced are those 4 towers to something that appears more like a cannon, like in TS (not a dish, otherwise it'd look too alike to GDI's SW). When its ready to fire, have an animation where the canon rotates a bit as it positioning itself to point directly upward, so then it launches its EMP anywhere on the map.

Green tiberium deposit - As much as I love the appearance of the current green tiberium deposit in 1.51, I would make a slight change. I would actually take out the tiberium flora surrounding the tiberium tree. Just as the blue tiberium deposit doesn't have blue tiberium flora surrounding it. The only reason being: they appear a little out of place for blue-zoned and some yellow-zone maps where mutation hasn't taken as great of affect yet. Perfect for red-zoned maps, though. The way I see it, tiberium flora are mutated trees, and so if the deposit is in an area where there should be no trees, like on concrete, then again it looks out of place to have them there (the tiberium tree itself is of course an exception). So, just for aesthetic reasons, I would suggest that it were just the tiberium tree, maybe add a couple green crystals to fill in some gaps and even some sludge, and let the map builders decide if they want to add tiberium flora on it or not.

More snow - I would really love to see snow flakes animation. This idea was partly inspired by C&C4 (only have seen images) but I wouldn't want it to look just like it is in that game; rather than individually patterned flakes, just having (more realistic) white textured dots would look awesome. How this could be done is by either 1) creating props for WB, similar to "BlueZoneSkyStormA" or "Egypt Water Reflection Skybox", where you can see the snow animation within the given dome/radius (just as long as it's large enough to stretch across large maps). Or 2) have it be like "IonStormSmall" or "RedZoneAmbientFX" where it's basically a trigger for the game to use that animation in the game. I think I like 1 idea better, but what 2 has advantage over 1 is you'd then be able to have areas of the map where it isn't snowing (up high on mtns for example it's snowing, but lower in the valleys it isn't). Maybe it'd be a good idea to have both? So if you want the whole map to have flakes you use 1, or if in just parts of the map you use 2. Anyway, this animation will look awesome and immerse you further in the snow environment.

Unit Voices - New and updated voices if possible on units like the Banshee, MSA, Medic, and Jumpjet Infantry (I thought why not the rocketeers from RA2, but decided it probably wouldn't fit in with the TE tone). Why? These voices are fine and worked for the older TS, but in comparison to the other new voices, they stand out like a sore thumb. Maybe the Medic can have the voice of the Ambulance in Generals, or is it too sweet? I haven't played C&C 4 to know what all voices are available for using there. I do like how Carnius kept the original voices for each of the 3 cyborgs, in homage to TS, but I honestly wouldn't be apposed if he decides to update them if he thinks it'd be better. I doubt he will, but in case he's thinking of updating them, it'd need to be something like: limited dialogue of The Awakened for cyborg squad, limited dialogue of The Enlightened for Cyborg Reaver, and limited dialogue (and less "echo") of Redeemer for Cyborg Commando (I really like the original voice of CC though).

Infantry death sound effects - When infantry are dying by flames, have that "wailing" sound effect occur less often (it gets old when a Devil's Tongue is on a rampage against many infantry), or preferably have more sound effects that fit in with the way they are dying. Though not as bad, also have another sound effect for when infantry are dying in tiberium or by tiberium-based weapons, instead of having the "squishy sound followed by screaming" sound effect as often. Also, I do believe that the volumes of these particular death sounds are too high in comparison to the rest of the death sounds and should be lowered a bit so they aren't blatant.

More Upgrades at Structures - I hope this idea will be welcomed or at least stir up more ideas for upgrades: I know this is C&C and not AoE, but I do like the concept of (several) upgrades at structures. Maybe truly not necessary, but just an interesting thought, why not have most if not all structures have at least 1 upgrade purchasable.
Refineries: an upgrade that'd affect harvesters, such as X % faster speed (Nod or Scrin), X % more armor (GDI), X % faster harvesting (Scrin or Nod). Or, do I dare say take away the MG and some armor from the GDI harvester and take away stealth ability from the Nod harvester and make those relatively cheap upgrades at the Refinery? After all, they didn't have these abilities in TS.
Tiberium silos: X % more Tiberium can be stored at current silo. (Just like upgrading a Power Plant)
War Factories/barracks/airfields: Anything that affects particular unit(s) and/or unit production, such as faster or cheaper (may require Tech Center or something).
Command Post/Operations Center: Line of sight is affected on something(s) and/or stealth upgrades (Nod only).
Cranes: something(s) can be built faster.
Tiberium Chemical Plant: Any and only tiberium-based upgrades. For example, maybe have the Cyborg Commando's Super Charged Projectile become an upgrade and have it be purchasable here. Perhaps another upgrade for further upgrading the firepower (at least slightly) of the Banshees and/or other unit(s) that utilizes tiberium for its weapon.
Anyway, I'm sure you guys get the idea, just more kinds of upgrades to put into more structures for more variety and variables in gameplay. However, for most of these sorts of upgrades to work (speed/cost/line of sight/etc) I think much would have to be nerfed, so when upgraded, things are as they are currently. Maybe this will take too much time, to consider all of the balancing, but just a thought. What do you guys think? I feel this idea will be either loved or hated :)

Importing more props/textures - Just as snow themed textures were uploaded, I'm sure Carnius can import civilian/neutral structures and props from other C&C titles, such as Generals, RA3, and even C&C4 (not all were bad, plus they could be modified if need be). Things from the older titles may have to be polished or updated a bit to fit in seamlessly with c&c 3 style and detail, but this idea in general, I think, will be a helpful shortcut for adding more to TE and for maps. I could really go for more civilian structures, especially ones that are fitting for a city, so there is less repetition when/if making a large city map. Why not add most all of the textures and props that were new for Kane's Wrath? A lot of them were actually good and useful.

Thank you for reading and hanging in there, that's plenty for now, lol. I realize I posted a lot and much of it probably isn't going to be possible to accomplish for the next release, but these are ideas worth giving a look for a future release nonetheless.

I will continue updating with more ideas when they hit me, so please come back in case there is something new...

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Nov 26 2012 Anchor

There are some buildings /and units which seem to have a certain attack range yet they cannot shoot that far.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Nov 26 2012 Anchor

Zsombi wrote: There are some buildings /and units which seem to have a certain attack range yet they cannot shoot that far.

This is true. I think it may have to do with terrain though. I've had obolisks with 4 beam cannons be able to fire the max range in one direction, but the smallest of hills will block it in any other.

The sonic emitter has a max range longer than the circle... etc


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

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