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ElfFriend Creator

I think rape is worse then murder if that is the question. Why do I think that? Because a victim of rape has to live with it will the victim of a murder doesn't. Also in the sense of video games, killing existed since its beginning while sexual themes hadn't found their way into games for quite some time due to 8bit pixel charaters being slightly unattractive while they were pretty good for an enemy that needs to die. Therefore that could also be a desensitization issue as well. Anyways I only watched a bit of the video but I really needed to write this down before I forget and my iPhone isn't really multitask friendly so I needed to stop the video to write my response.

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ComradeWinston Author

As I do with a lot of things, I imagined what it would be like to be a rapist. Though I can see the potential attraction to the act for some psychopath who cares little to naught for repercussions, both to himself and the victim; I simply don't really have any interest in tits just being thrown on my screen in the first place in the middle of my murder simulators.

If rape were to be incorporated well, into say one of the better story based games like The Witcher or Mass Effect then sure. A rape could be no less better an element than any other, of course again assuming its portrayed well. But if rape were to be tastelessly shoved in(heh "shoved in", oh I'm a terrible person) the same way Homefront constantly had civilians getting mowed down in the biggest failure to invoke emotion in gaming history, then no.

On a side note, games need more god damned female writers. It can't be helped much but dammit the gaming industry needs to be less of a sausage-fest in the future, sooner rather than later.

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Kalga Creator

We are chained by the culture that we grew up in... and the culture we grew up in is a inherently violent one. That's why we mostly accepted violence in our fiction.

Though sometime it really goes overboard. Like in my middle school, where the school library has books like The Bridge at Andau* (a book on the Hungarian revolt of 1956, contains quite a bit of historic violence and other stuff... you know what? Read it for your self), but god help you if you even talk about stuff like anime.

*Why may some people be surprised at such a book in a middle school library? Because the American education system is getting immature (or thinks the kids are getting more immature, though that part is mostly true). Oh yea, my middle school library also has books like The Guns of August.

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