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Be who or what you feel to be, as long as you grant others the same right.

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Kalga Creator

Well it all depends on which society one lives in...

Noble ideals don't always pay (even in terms of individual state of happiness), therefore there can be cases where an individual resisting conformity will not only bring more pain and grief to him/herself, but also to his/her surroundings and those around him/her.

Just remember the context of the social framework that one lives in...

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ElfFriend Creator

If that was my class (so everyone is human and not a drawing) the person that I would want to be friends with is the one that is different.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

Anyone should be willing to question that which they deem ethically inaproppriate, reagrdless of the consequences. The world is not changed by drones and carbon copies.

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I already am the one who stands alone.

"Come on social networking with us Wolf!"

"Why don't you have Facebook?!"

"Come gym with us!"

"Dress like us!" (Crappy trainers, large trousers/jeans, ****** jumpers)

"Go on Skype and speak to the cam whores like us!"

"Play ****** CoD with us!"

Well I'll tell you all what I told them: It's fine if you want to fit in and be a mindless sheep like everyone else and if you enjoy doing that then go for it but I'm fine with my RPG's and fine dressing as smart casual instead of someone with no fashion sense.

This is why I prefer the company of adults. Technically I am one (20) but I mean the adults who are in their mid/late twenties or thirties. They may have social networking and all that but they don't say any of the crap above and most have the same dress sense as me too so I get no flak there.

And I'm mostly drifting away from my friends from college because of that. They are just so immature and want to fit in with society. Do anything different they're up in arms about it unaware they're slaves to society (something I once explained to one of them who understood).

Don't get me wrong. I act normal but when someone says crap like "Everyone does this or that..." then I explain why I wouldn't jump off a cliff if everyone else did so.

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TheTriangulum Creator

You are just like me :3

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Is it better to submit to the natural inclination to simply fit in or ought one be willing to stand alone in a crowded room?

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