The world is poised for change, will you be a part of it or will you become a footnote in its history?

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We will not be Oppressed!
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Ori`verda Author

*Russia responds by taking the blame for losing Baikonur and promising Russian aid in the Middle-East. Russia organizes a meeting with the UN to discuss being allowed to send the 5th Army to assist, alongside supplies for US and other Coalition forces.*

*They also state that they do not believe the GLA is a major threat but should not be allowed to become one.*

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OOC: Deathstrike? Lol

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Ori`verda Author

OOC: Hey if you rip off a faction from a game, might as well adopt the name of the leader.

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Namegen Creator

*President Erik Braxton addressed the people of the United States, and the world, in Washington...

The President walks up to the podium and stands there, placing his hands on it. His face is stressed, and you can tell he is tired.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, two days ago, Taliban fighters took control of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a Missile launching facility in Kazakhstan. The Russian forces controlling the facility were all killed.." The President said.

"We were forced to send in an Elite team of Special Forces soldiers who, with the aid of the Kazakh Military, the German Military, and Russian Special Forces, re-took control of the facility and disabled the nuclear missile." he explained.

"We have averted a catastrophe, but it has opened my eyes and allowed me to realize that terrorism is still going strong and we must utilize every tool in our arsenal to shut them down and prevent another Crisis like this from happening." he went on.

"Thank you ladies and Gentlemen, and enjoy your Tuesday afternoon." The President said.

Reporters all over the room started shouting questions but the President simply exited the room and went back to his office and sat down and rested for a few short minutes.*

OOC: its good to inform the people some times :P

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*Once more, media across the world receives a message from the Taliban.*

"People of the world, you have seen what we few can achieve if we try. Alone, we managed to take over a Nuclear missile and we almost launched it. I have received a vision from the mighty Allah, we must take up arms together and resist the imperialism that has corrupted our world."

"For only together can we truly succeed. True, we are divided by our own visions of the world but only together, only then can we truly bring those dreams... Those visions to reality."

"Under my banner, we will strike death to the western infidels, to the central imperials and the eastern oppressors. We will restore the world under a single banner, the banner of the GLA, the Global Liberation Army."

"The time is now brothers, rise up against your tyrants and make your visions come true!"

"My name is Deathstrike, I am your liberator."

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