The world is poised for change, will you be a part of it or will you become a footnote in its history?

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Operation: Greed
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OOC: This is some brutal crap we're dealing here... D:

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Well at least they didn't turn into the 'lord's resistance army'

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Ori`verda Author

24 hour mark is up.

*With the Angolan army per-occupied quelling the riots in the capital city, it lacks the manpower to stop the GLA forces from taking over large parts of the Lunda Norte province.*

Political aftermath as you will HH.

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RP Info: Africa, Angola. GLA attack.

"We need to spread our organization, go forth my brothers, to the sun scorched lands of Africa. Unite the criminals, destroy them or bend their wills to our wills, your target is in Angola. Strike hard, deal death."

*Through various means, GLA troopers enter Angola. They enter the cities and search for less then noble people, maffia, terrorists, radicals any organization that makes money and wants to rise up in arms.*

*Troopers infiltrate the ranks, bribe, threaten or takeover these organizations except for the biggest group, the Angolan Blood Gang. A meeting is held between the GLA and the ABG.*

*At the meeting, the GLA bring a sack and spread its content over the table. The heads of relatives roll out, belonging to the leaders of the ABG. Then the troopers kill the ABG leaders except for the weakest one in order to control him.*

*With the underworld under control and many discontent groups of upset people to serve as soldiers to their banner, the GLA starts their campaign of conquest by starting riots in the capital city to conceal their actual attack on the Lunda Norte province.*

OOC: Easiest for me to do is stick to using the VRM mod's units, unless you can send me a list of Taliban units. But remember, the GLA is bigger and better equipped. I mean how else do they have control of the Angolan underworld now? :P.

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