The world is poised for change, will you be a part of it or will you become a footnote in its history?

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Meeting Against The Uprising
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President Staffenberg stood up, and said in a displeased tone:

"Germany's loss at Baikonur is not to go in vain, we need to enforce security in our nations before the GLA could plot an attack on Western grounds and other countries alike."

He clears his throat afterwards, and goes back to his seat.

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OOC: Africa, Asia and South America are suddenly Western, lolwut? BTW since a lot of time has passed and we technically speaking still need a strong enemy to fight, I think the GLA should be made stronger then it currently is.

Russia's response coming soon.

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*President Alexei Ivanovich Voronin rises up.*

"Despite Russia's best efforts, the GLA have gained a foothold in Asia and parts of Russia. Soon they will spread to Europe and even North America won't be safe. We need to strike at their center's of influence with co-ordinated strikes."

"The FIS have set up a department to work with foreign intelligence services to uncover where the GLA set up their roots, it is likely that their bases will also be vested in those areas. Even if they are not, we can still give the GLA a beating in those areas."

*With that said, he sat down and the leaders of other nations mumbled in discontent. They were worried that other nations would use the GLA as an excuse to invade their countries.*

*Oman's representative calls for attention.*

"We have discovered a large amount of GLA forces in our country, our military is not sufficient to deal with it. Any country may lend aid as long as when the threat is dealt with, you leave our ground."

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Jesterzx9 Author

OOC: Namegen and Ten you better reply =D

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Namegen Creator

*The US ambassador, Warren Austin, listened to the foreign dignitaries speak and he thought of the right words to say.

"As you are all well aware that attempting to uproot an entire terror organization on their home territory is almost impossible, as evidenced in Afghanistan and Iraq, i believe it would better for our Intelligence services to cooperate and locate exact positions of enemy bases and hide outs. When we have this information then i believe then and only then would we be able to respond with military action. And only with smaller raids, not fullscale invasions." Austin explained.

"We all want the world free of Terrorism, to allow our people to go to work or explore their parks and attractions without fear of being killed by persons trying to harm their home countries. This is why I hope that we all can come together and expunge this threat with precision, speed, and without remorse, thank you ladies and gentlemen." Austin continued.

He sat back down and waited for a response.*

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-June 7th 2014- United Nations

*Cannes noted as he walked towards the podium that some members of the board were missing, none the less he continued on, letting the words he was about to say flow through his head. Upon reaching the podium, he put his right hand into his blazer and removed sheets of paper*

"You by now would know me, but some of you may not have noticed but we have a serious problem on our plates at the moment. The terrorist faction known as the GLA or 'Global Liberation Army' has recently surfaced and have conducted attacks all around the world, mainly on western ground. For some of you this may not seem big for you but we have seen it before, Al Qaeda for example conducted a number of attacks against Western Culture and we let loose on them a few weeks after 9/11 but did this do anything? No it did not. Anyone else have any thoughts?"

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