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I finally found the cheat codes for all decks to cost 1 DC in Yugs Duelists o' Roses. These codes are for use with an Xploder V4 device.

Posted by on - Advanced Client Side Coding

Xploder V4 Pal

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(Original from Xploder)


F445B624 F77C451E


Deck A cost is 1

(Original from ARMax and converted and fixed (As it would freeze deck leader, but no longer) by me using Maxconvert)

1410B529 36B451AC


Deck B cost is 1

(Found by me using Cheat Engine and Max Converter)

14509729 3634511C


Deck C cost is 1

(Found by me using CE and MC)

14509629 36B451BC


Read the following note:

Ok, I finally found both codes for decks B and C to cost 1 in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses.


All decks now will only cost 1 for A, B and C.Using cheat engine, and max converter, I was able to find the addresses and compare it to an existing one.


Coming up wit the result.


Raw codes

Deck B: 10302A4A

Deck C: 10302A9E

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