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reloaded - a custom remake of farcry 1 in cryengine 2 and resource site in development. A place for cryengine 2 level designers and fans of the original FarCry and Crysis 1

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the original online sandbox 2 manual went offline years ago as you all probably know. Here is the old url:

I had downloaded the complete manual back then and have now started to put it online on one html page as a side project of my reloaded project. It is still work in progress and I am hoping to extend and clean it up so that it becomes a solid reference for anyone still working with cryengine 2. For my project and the cryengine 2 reference effort I have put up a basic forum. This is all early days but I am working on it and hope that other cryengine 2 developers or aspiring level designers find it useful.

the manual is here (still rewriting and uploading - polishing will come later, this working copy is in xhtml)

and the forum is here -

all interested in the project or cryengine 2 level designers are very welcome to check it out and maybe help it to grow into a nice CE2 resource since the new cryengine forums are really focused on CE 3 and 5. Thank you


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