"Making the community better, one member at a time."

Welcome to the Cucumber Clan

Greetings, I am High Chieftain JeeringCucumber, and I'm here to welcome you to my community, where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and views. Much like the introduction, we also encourage members to engage in healthy, friendly conversations, and that's what I'd like for everyone. A community where people of all races, gender, and views are not criticized, but treated like a family member. Now, before I begin with our semi-long list of rules, I need to set a basis for all of you to follow. If you want to make a mark here, let it be a good mark, and not a bad mark. Anyway, onto the rules.

  • No racism, it will NOT be tolerated. The most severe punishment; ban.
  • Sexist views are NOT tolerated, you may not like women, you may not like men, but can you at least tolerate them for one minute of your life? The most severe punishment; kick/ban.
  • Flaming, hating, or shaming will result in a mute, be friendly.
  • Try to keep things family-friendly, and keep cussing to a minimum.
  • If you want to become a Chieftain / Tribe Leader, talk to me and I'll find you a place.
  • Share your views and perspectives on mods!
  • Be creative, ask for advice when you need it.
  • Be social! Engage in conversations, make friends!
  • Don't like how things are going here in the Clan? Message me detailing things I could do to help improve this community!
  • The Golden Rule: Treat others that way you'd want to be treated. (don't try to evade it by saying 'I want to be treated bad.')
  • Use common sense, we aren't a community of brain-dead cucumbers.
  • Looking to find a development team for your mod? Ask around, some people might have some experience!
  • Recruit people to our community, make it grow like the bean plant!
  • Last rule, DO NOT be the disease that destroys a healthy community.

High Chieftain: JeeringCucumber

Chieftain of Staff: [VACANT]

Chieftain of Development: [VACANT]

Regional Chieftain(s): [VACANT]

Chieftain(s): [VACANT]

Tribe Leader(s): [VACANT]

Clan Advisor(s): [VACANT]

Clan Developer(s): [VACANT]

Clan Administrator(s): [VACANT]

Clan Moderator(s): [VACANT]

Above are the official HIGH RANKS, therefore if someone says they are a 'Chieftain', and you don't believe them, go ahead and check this!

Veteran Cucumber - Respected member(s) of the community, chosen by Chieftain of Staff


- Are you a Developer, Modder, Coder, Scripter, or just a Community Member? -

Coding Cucumber - a member who does coding.

Modding Cucumber - a member who does modding.

Developer Cucumber - a member who develops.

Scripting Cucumber - a member who scripts.

Friendly Cucumber - a member who is here to talk and socialize.

Titles of Honor:

Savior of the Clan - the most healthiest cucumbers out there

Bring your ideas to the table!

Thank You,

Jeering Cucumber

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