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Unite the Right - Charlottesville August 12
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MethaneDude Creator

they're currently in a medieval battle with antifa & blm & the cops aren't doing **** about it.

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AugustusNocturnis Creator

I wouldn't be surprised if the corrupt police haven't been given (((orders))) to arrest marchers explicitly.

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Although we work better in the shadows, and I am not fond of many of the alt-right (((figureheads))), it is interesting to see a full blown collision between elements of the New Right (for lack of a better term) and the mainstream right.

A potential wheat from chaff situation.

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TheUnbeholden Creator

Anti-Fa murdered 3 people because of this traitorous acts by Chancellorsville mayor Michael Signer & Wes Bellamy. They boxed in the Right, preventing any right-wingers from being to safely move out of the area, allowed Anti-Fa to move in through various streets (particularly from behind), moved them through a gauntlet right into Anti-Fa hands instead of through safe streets that where sectioned off, did nothing to actually arrest or stop Anti-Fa & of course removed their right to free speech by basically making Charlottesville police as nothing but useless statues and letting loose the National Guard on a peaceful rally in military grade gear: Youtube.com

What a horror show: Youtube.com

Panel: #UniteTheRight Aftermath #Charlottesville, detailed discussion: Youtube.com

There is a huge discussion in the comments here, big mistake on the part of the elite, police & the marxist thugs: Altright.com

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Charlottesville was a stage-managed hoax with obvious red flags all over it. Antifa, BLM, fake Nazis, fake KKK, fake news reporters, and the Police who stood-down were all just playing roles. There were three main goals of the hoax: to paint anybody on the Right as violent racists, to make Antifa & company seem like sympathetic characters, and most importantly to make the general public willingly accept severe limitations on the right of real people to protest. Problem - reaction - solution; 911 all over again but on a smaller scale. Whereas 911 was designed to provoke retribution against the Middle East, the Charlottesville fake protest was designed to be the excuse to strip real citizens of the right to stage real protests within the USA in the future.

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TheUnbeholden Creator

I don't see how it was fake. Many innocent people where harmed. There where no KKK there.

Since C'ville:
Dailystormer was ddossed, by some anon, and then shutdown by GoDaddy, for a one of his article's (they've tried to 'Unperson' him, read '1984' to know what that is - he's on Gab & the darkweb now which can be accessed through Tor).
Google then denied dailystormer hosting and seized the dailystormer domain name.
CloudFlare, a ddos protection system, dropped DailyStormer as a client because "the team behind Daily Stormer made the claim that we were secretly supporters of their ideology."
Discord, a gaming related online communications program, shut down the alt-right discord server and dailystormer discord server.
Twitter has banned PolNewsForever and PaxDickinson.
WordPress shut down Vanguard America's blog.
KickStarter, GoFundMe, and IndyGOGO have all vowed to shut down campaigns related to white nationalism.
BandCamp shut down Xurious's account.
PayPal shutdown VDARE Foundation's account.

In other news:
Levi Smith, from PolNewsForever, had his house burgled TWICE.
Many of the guys who attended the rally at C'ville were doxed, and you can guess what their professional futures are going to look like

* Red Ice was hacked, server and phone.
* DailyOcean Removed Hatreon, Hatreon seems to be back up.
* OKCupid banned Cantwell.
* Spotify "removes white supremacist bands, hate music from streaming service: "
* Apple Pay has said it won't work with people selling white supremacists merchandise
* Google Play removed Gab from the App Store
* Paypal closed 36+ accounts and said it will not service “activities that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance.”"

There isn't any need for the govt to do anything. The corporations are all doing it on their own. Anykind of politics that opposes the mainstream progressive liberalism is that scary to them. It really doesn't surprise me based on how the left have acted previously within the last 60 years. Many on the right are merely there to 'shift the overton window', this is why there is such a concerted effort to prevent people from seeing what the right-wing is about by de-platforming.

AFAIK the only leftists protecting free speech at the moment for Anglin (not even Molyneux or Alex Jones are attempting that) and therefore Net Neutrality is EFF, after whats been occuring despite this being a wide-scale attack: Tinyurl.com

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