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The Algorithm of Liberal/Cultural Marxist Views
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Whoa. Somebody figured out libtard "logic". Twisted and crooked beyond reason, but structured enough to make a flowchart of it. Impressive.
Also, that intersectionality garbage. Only thing more ridiculous than that *theory*, is the amount of people (subhumans, more like) taking it as reality.
Also also: "Gender is not biological"? Genetics don't give a damn about libtard feelings. So many of 'em, and they all failed Biology 101.

I'll gladly fight it all btw. IMO, it's not what you're born with that determines your value, it's what you do with it. A nope from me right at the start.

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AugustusNocturnis Creator

Take note of how the leftist agenda on sexuality has gone from mere gay rights toward transgender, by proxy, pedophilia, and from there, you can't help but wonder what's next. Necrophilia? Or Societal collapse?

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That's why gay rights are crap. I believe the whole reason the Dems even started the marriage license was not just to keep the blacks from marrying the whites, but also to engage the Christian church one day. I believe they knew where they would be going with their political agenda and in time would be able to use gays to do what they've always wanted to do. Overthrow God's church by way of taxing and the use of hate crimes. They may have not known exactly what it would be in the future, but I know they knew the marriage license would be in their favor one day. Just like the welfare they started. Give evil nothing. It always takes things way to far.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Women's Liberation...

At first- two income family was great for getting ahead.
Now: women are enslaved in the job market just to make ends meet
Results: wages were suppressed, the family structure was destroyed, and the kids indoctrinated very early. Their unique talent stolen away. Now its merely a tool for leftist, materialist, liberal and capitalist indoctrination & to benefit major corporations.

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Here are studies against putting women in military combat roles.

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Justice calls for Inequality. Accepting a falsehood leads to more and more false positions and beliefs.

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The etiology of the darkest hour: Our entire civilization is under the grip of a Judeo-liberal ideology: the belief that non-discrimination on race and gender is the highest value of society. This ideology, that some call “political correctness,” has been imposed throughout the West after the Second World War: Chechar.wordpress.com

Whats ironic is that the Hellstorm is the real Holocaust committed by the Allied forces: Chechar.wordpress.com

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