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Diversity + Proximity = War
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TheUnbeholden Author

I've seen people attempt to subjugate Christianity to liberalism because its soft on race - like using 'turn the other cheek', 'love your enemy', (despite the fact that both those passages in latin and greek actually talk about PRIVATE enemies and not public enemies - meaning enemies of the religion, political, or toward your ethnic group can still be destroyed) and other misused quotes like Galatians 3:28 which speaks only of spiritual equality which in some ways has a grain of truth to it. Religions have some similarities with each other, each touching upon the natural and divine order but races manifest spirituality differently in practice. Its not talking about physical equality in any way shape or form. Any of these kinds of obfuscations won't be tolerated.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Here is an explanation of that Galatians quote: Faithandheritage.com

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TheUnbeholden Author

'The United Nations found that from 1989 to 1992 there were 82 conflicts that had resulted in at least 1,000 deaths each. Of these, no fewer than 79, or 96 percent, were ethnic or religious conflicts that took place within the borders of recognized states. Only three were cross-border conflicts.

Wars between nations are usually ethnic conflicts as well.
Internal ethnic conflict has very serious consequences. As J. Philippe Rushton has argued, “The politics of ethnic identity are increasingly replacing the politics of class as the major threat to the
stability of nations.”

One must question the wisdom of then-president Bill Clinton’s explanation for the 1999 NATObombing of Serbia: “[T]he principle we and our allies have been fighting for in the Balkans is the principle of multi-ethnic, tolerant, inclusive democracy. We have been fighting against the idea that
statehood must be based entirely on ethnicity.”59

That same year, the American supreme commander of NATO, Wesley Clark, was even more direct:
“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are
trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”' White Identity, Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, by Jared Taylor.

I think thats adequate proof that ethnic groups even at the best of times do not tolerate foreign occupiers or sharing space with competing ethnic groups - which supports the case that diversity leads to internal ethnic conflict.

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MalfistheMerciless Creator

I'm pretty sure there would be no western civilization PERIOD without whites (Creativity comes from the Aryan race, its hardly skin color):

While the book the information has on white Europeans basically ALMOST SINGLE HANDEDLY creating everything we enjoy today (and that we take for granted), it has a fairly mixed attempt at defending the objective standards of scientific objectivity philosophically, but as a statistical report its a incredible achievement at synthesizing a giant new database of information AND it does exactly what we need. Which is producing a EXTREMELY POSITIVE view of western society, thinking in terms of greatness and recognising the achievements of Europeans AND great thinkers and pioneers (which has been degraded in academia and contributed to US decline). While it is true that the truly great thinkers are very rare, the fact that the vast majority of the scientific inventories (covering a wide range of subjects) at ~97% are created by white Europeans or European Americans, 98% of which are males. Apart from a small number of meta-inventions (by Arabic scholars) that are required for numerology, whites also invented the logic necessary for future progress (yes Greeks are white Europeans). Each of the inventory topics also have listed out significant events and people (those which are recognized in ATLEAST 50% of the biographical sources or chronologies/timetables listed for that topic). This is a total repudiation of race denialism if I've ever saw it, if the Heartiste Formulation didn't provide mountains of evidence that such a civic nationalist society cannot work, then just look at Brazil, Algeria, former Yugoslavia and Pakistan for the final nail in the coffin and the repeated attempts at trying to civilize Africa.

The key to solving the crisis of Western Civilization is to stop demonizing the Germans: Chechar.wordpress.com

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Study on Diversity by Arbatli, Ashraf & Galor substantiating the Heartiste formulation- Heartiste.wordpress.com

Diversity + Proximity [Reference List]: Heartiste.wordpress.com



The reason for segregation is natural ethnocentrism - sometimes generally called in-group preference, people prefer to live amongst their genetic kin. Close genetic kinship allows for the formation of cohesive networks that are fundamental to strong Social Cohesion - the opposite causes increased tensions, anxiety, reduced civic engagement, trust, produces white flight and ethnic conflict. Diversity/tolerance may explain why empires have fallen in the past - besides pacifism, atheism, decadence, unsustainable currency & unaccountable large bureaucracy.

For more see Social Cohesion research by Robert Putnam.


The Largest gang hategroup & ethnic cleansing in the United States was between hispanics & blacks in 2009 - Youtube.com


For a free informative colorfully illustrated 132 page e-BOOK & 2 minute video on the Zionist engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of Western civilization see the censored links below: Youtube.com
Download the pdf version of the document @ Mediafire.com
the MS Word version of the document @ Mediafire.com


Reveals Zionism, Communism and Freemason alliance to undermine European civilisations:
'State Secrets' By Vicomte Leon de Poncins - Balderexlibris.com

More references in Red Pills of Zion - Pastebin.com

Hate facts: Archive.is

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