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If you're just joining us, here's a little FAQ to get you familar with Alternate Warfare.

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If you're just joining us, here's a little FAQ to get you familar with us.

Q: What is this mod about, and what does it aim to create?
A: Alternate Warfare is set in an alternative timeline, where the Cold War has gone hot and weapons that never saw service in the real world are given a chance to prove themselves on the battlefield. This mod aims to bring in World in Conflict-leveled graphics, exotic arsenals that are known by little in the real world, fast-paced gameplay, detailed in-game environment and pretty much everything else vanilla C&C3 has missed.

Q: Speaking of the weapons, I've noticed that you guys have written a lot of unit profiles, but they seem a little...different from what I've read about.
A: Er, yeah. Because most of our units are based on real life weapons that didn't go into service for one reason or another. So when we write the profiles we have to write it from the in-universe perspective, thus disregarding/reverting their flaws and disadvantages to explain why they are used instead of their real life successors.

Q: What are the factions in the game, and what are they all like?
A: We've planned for 4 factions, the US, USSR, NATO and China. At the moment though we've only made a headstart on the US.
Playstyle-wise, the US is the air superiority faction, with technologically advanced but costly units. They tend to be somewhat close to the "Elitist Faction". While the USSR will be your typical badass Reds, sporting heavily armored tanks and has everything packed with firepower. They are, however, somewhat lacking in mobility. As for NATO and China, they are too far away to be planned in detail for now.
And before you ask, no, we don't plan to add in any more playable factions, the best you'll get is NPC faction units in future campaigns.

Q: Why do you call your released versions "demo"? Does it mean I have to pay to play the full game?
A: Uh...yeah, I've been meaning to clear that up for ages. The term "demo" is actually a huge misnomer, they are really just betas. So no, they are completely free for download. It's just a mistake made by Ravage because in the released versions you only have access to limited amount of assets, but that's because the rest hasn't been made yet! Well anyways since we've already announced it to be a "demo", we'll continue to use this term until we've at least finished with one faction, then we'll declare it a beta.

Q: But this mod is so cool! I wanna play the full version now!
A: Yeah, so do we. Unfortunately though it's not gonna happen, unless we get enough people helping us, and even then it will take no less than a year. You'd prefer the job done well than done quickly, wouldn't you?

Q: But why is this mod going so slow?
A: If you've read what I've written above, you'd probably have noticed that we've only got 4 people on the team, and only 2 of them are doing the coding, modelling and texturing. So yeah, that's why.

Q: Sounds like you need a bit of help. What can I do for the mod?
A: Well, if you know anything about modelling, texturing, mapping, coding or just have the passion for modding, you're welcomed to join in! Any help will be gratefully appreciated. And of course, you can help by playing the mod and send us feedbacks. If you have any suggestions, as long as it's in a constructive light, you're free to post a comment on our Revora forum. (don't use Moddb's commenting system though, it's really inconvenient for the task.) Remember, it's the power of your encouragement that fuels our efforts!


You could call it an "alpha" instead of a "demo" or "beta." Oh btw (should have said this first) but can't wait till it's authorized.

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shekdog Author

Thx. You can also go to our Revora homepage to download it:

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if u guys keep it up...the mod will be better then other major games in its genre,
good work

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i have always wanted to be part of a modding team but dont know the first thing about how to mod this game. i dont even know what programs i would need for moddling, texturing, particles etc. if any one could help me as i am eager to learn and be part of a team especially on that is working on a mod that i just fell inlove with i would be really grateful.

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I love the level of detail and pratical weapons used keep up the awesome work!

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