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Trains, the work of Satan
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I'm a Christian and I think this is maddeningly dumb.

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Velancious Creator

Sometimes I really think they just make **** up. You'd be surprised the kind of other random **** I've heard Christians say.

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Cervi_Messias Author

You may think this is dumb now but in the future people will look back on all the things christains are fighting against now and think they are also just as stuipid.
Its kinda how christainity works- they fight against progress, they lose (always) and then there decendents look back on them and say there idiots.
So i say lets learn from the past and abandon this stuipidity and ride the "Evil Satan" train of progress into a better future.
Choo Choo!
(thats the sound a train makes)

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Velancious Creator

Well yeah, exactly. Years ago, many white Christians fought against black rights in America. The most extreme of these Christians were the KKK.

Now it's the same issue with homosexuality. Homosexuals are going through the same process the African Americans went through for black rights. The fundamentalist Christians have fought tooth and nail to keep them from getting this support (many of which want to outright purge homosexuality by force).

Another similar trending process even can be seen in scientific history: people taught others that the Earth was flat, but look what we found out.

So yeah...one day in the future we will look back on the past and be like, "How stupid were they for fighting such a harmless thing?"

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Humans fight what they fear... And christians fear alot, I noticed.

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Cervi_Messias Author

Religion (specifically the monotheistic ones) feed off fear. Christainitys entire base premise is that you must follow certain rules or be punished forever.

so from there view there is lots to fear- may believe that if they dont act like terrified arrogant intolerent bigots they think they will be punished forever.
The rest excuse the bad behavior of there peers becauae they see them as "brothers & sisters" in faith, so the cycle continues

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KKK were not Christians. they may have said they were, but they either weren't or somehow missed the whole “all men are created equal” thing.

Homosexuality is different, as it is a sin. Christians have no right to do anything to them, other than refuse to stay around them.

As far as i know, the Bible says nothing about the shape of the Earth. The Catholic church is the main thing that kept anyone from questioning things such as the earth being flat. Note that practicing Catholics do not follow the Bible as Christians do. The bible gives Christians no right to rule as the Catholics did. If someone doesn't follow the Bible, the most a Christian can do is talk to them.

And yes, the sign in the pic is rather funny in its senselessness

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xxT65xx Creator

They didn't believe blacks were really men, and it can be interpreted differently. The context in the bible is usually fairly vague and translation it never quite perfect, making it only natural we would end up with so many differing views.

I believe the bible may not actually teach that homosexuality is a sin and the word used in most instances (meaning soft) may have actually referred to the rich. This is more in line with Jesus' supposed teachings, and it makes bashing homosexuality seem that much more stupid to me.

The bible makes many poetic references to the earth's "four-corners" and the word used in genesis quite literally states the sky is a "fermament", a solid ceiling. I thought about this for a long time and it only makes sense coupled with the Jews beliefs and other philosophical reasons that the bible is certainly not perfect.

Interesting to read, boring at times, but a piece of history twisted as it may be.

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