Her eighteenth birthday was a disaster. Once again, she had argued with her parents, and once again she had fled to her room and buried her head under the pillow. One thing was certain - something was very definitely wrong with her world.The legends speak of a long forgotten prophecy ....Why should she, of all people, be the one to receive the key to ZANZARAH? The key to that mysterious world of elves, goblins, dwarves and fairies? A long, long time ago, these creatures of legend had fled for fear of burning at the stake, of inquisition and suppression by mankind. Henceforth, they lived in seclusion in a place they called Zanzarah,
their own private paradise.... of a gleaming hero, and of perilous adventures ...But this haven of peace is becoming more and more like a prison. Something is going very wrong, even in Zanzarah. The magic is being shaken to its foundations, and Zanzarah is threatening to plunge into chaos. The fairies, the once firm pillars of magic, are becoming uncontrollable, even beginning to fight amongst themselves. There are many rumours of gangs of sinister goblins, and a forgotten prophecy promises a single hope of saving the world of magic before it breaks apart.... of sinister powers, strange worlds and hosts of fairies ...Sadly, nobody can remember the exact wording of the prophecy. In these wild, disruptive times, the border line between good and evil is becoming increasingly blurred.... but they say nothing of a girl with more heart than muscle ...
Her fate seems to be strangely linked to the events in ZANZARAH, and so she must discover her calling to make the best of both worlds ...... but then, even legends can sometimes be wrong.

source: Zanzarah.de

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Creators: Transcendental aka Turnox aka Трансцендентная Личность (most of the work) and Mreirana (part of ideas and textures)
Translators: Transcendental aka Turnox aka Трансцендентная Личность (most of the work) and Ghost Demonologist (aka Abyssal Kei). And Google Translate :)

The Global Mod is a massive mod that completely redesigns the entire Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal game. The first versions of it came out quite a long time ago and were relatively well known in Russia. Only the third version has been translated. Sorry for our English; due to our rather poor English proficiency, the translation may not be the very good.

Let's move on to the list of changes ...

WARNING 1! The game has become VERY HARDCORE. All, wholly and completely. The mod is designed for very experienced people who have played the original game at least several times. The mod can also summon a butthurt.
WARNING 2! Using bugs and exploits of the original game in a mod can lead to very bad consequences. You have been warned...


- Added an alternative ending. The choice of the ending occurs during the first dialogue with the White Druid in the Dark Cathedral. The endings block each other, so you can only go through one of them in one save.

- The plot of the game is now divided into acts. At important plot moments, an image appears to the accompaniment of pretentious music, notifying of the beginning of a new act.


- Added a total of 74 new fairies, of which 50 are ordinary and 24 are boss fairies. There are now 153 fairies in the game. They can all be collected.

- Added a new kind of fairies - boss fairies. They have a lot of health and high stats, but very poor spell slots.

- Complete rebalancing of all fairies in the game, all characteristics and spell slots have been changed.

- Now, the more health a fairy has, the lower the other characteristics and the worse the spell slots, and vice versa. Made for balance.

- Most fairies have spell slots not only of their own, but also of some other element. This is usually indicated in the description of the fairy.

- Enemy fairies can use spells not only of their own, but also of other elements.

- Strengthened fairies and spells of Air, Stone and Chaos.

- Almost all fairies in the game are caught in the wild, but often you need to look for them well.

- Now, almost always after evolution, some characteristics of a fairy grow and others fall, that is, evolution makes the fairy completely different, and not more powerful. That is, canceling evolution will sometimes be the preferred option.

- Now fairies of all elements can be obtained much earlier.

- Added many new evolutions through items.


- Added 17 new items, among them there are new evolution stones.

- For many battles, items or fairies are now obtained as a reward, including new ones.

- Many items from chests have been moved, now they are not where they used to be.


- Changed all battles in the game.

- Added many new battles. The number of battles in the game has approximately doubled.

- Approximately 10 new optional battles.

- The difficulty of battles has been increased many times over. Even in the simplified version, the battles are very difficult.

- Opponents usually have 5 fairies in a fairly high level squad. Fairies of Light, Energy and Metal are often present.

- Sometimes, during battles with the dark elves, reinforcements consisting of individual hostile fairies will come to their aid.

- Some enemies cannot be defeated at the first meeting (for example, the Scarecrow at Lucius's Cottage).

- Many new group battles, where from 6 to 25 fairies oppose the player.

- Added new music for some battles.

- In some battles in the second half of the game, the enemy fairies are not what they seem at first glance. A surprise awaits you...

- Sometimes enemies will have invisible fairies.

- Changed all fairies exchanges, the assortment of some merchants and all pixie rewards.

- In the catacombs under Tiralin there is a special merchant with low prices, with whom you can make a deal only once per game.

- Added new fairies exchanges.

- The variety of appearances of Shadow Elves and Dwarves has been increased.

- Before buying spells from spell merchants, you need to fight them. This can be difficult at the beginning of the game.

- Some spell merchants also sell items.


- Added new dialogues.

- Much of the old dialogues have been expanded and reworked.

- Returned one cut phrase to Amy on her first visit to the Realm of Clouds.


- Added 129 new spells. In total, there are now 229 spells in the game.

- Complete rebalancing of all spells.

- Spells with generally inoperative effects received different effects. Spells that do not work for the AI ​​or work incorrectly have been strengthened so that the player also has a sense to use them.

- There are very powerful spells. Basically, they were added to Stone, Chaos and Air.

- Changed icons for many spells. Now each effect has its own icon.

- Many spells require slots of two or three elements.

- Sometimes the AI ​​will use some spells of other elements.

- Fixed a number of errors in the effects and descriptions of spells.


- About a hundred new arenas for battles with opponents.

- Fights with most opponents will take place in unique arenas.


- Expanded Lava Caves. Abandoned Iron Mine and Crater.

- Many challenging repeatable battles have now been added in front of the Dark Cathedral. This place is well suited for leveling up fairies.

- Added many new Shadow Elves throughout Zanzarah.

- Improved rewards for clearing the scrap yard and freeing Lasse from the White Cathedral.

- Changed the contents of many chests.

- When you first visit a new location, such as the Mountain World, the camera can show this location from different angles.


- The icons of the book of fairies are colored in the colors of the elements.

- Fairy icons outside the book now also indicate their element.


Installation conditions: the mod is CATEGORALLY incompatible with any mods that change arenas, battles,
texts (including correcting errors), characteristics of fairies or the interface. Under other mods, there are
also the first and second Global mods. The third mod is not compatible with them either.
It is recommended (but not required) to install HD Resolutions support first. Otherwise it will be inconvenient to play.
After installing the mod itself, you need to start a new game. Old saves will either not start, or there will be
problems with them.

Installation: transfer the contents of the "Mod files" folder to the folder with the installed game with a replacement.

Also (optional) after installing the Global mod, you can install something from the "Adjust difficulty and
submods" folder.
Submods are installed in a similar way.

Checking, or how to find out that the mod is installed and working correctly:
If the mod is installed correctly, then:
- in the house of Rufus will be as starting fairies Blumella, Golem and Goop;
- after a dialogue with Lucius, a battle will begin with him, and he will have one fairy - Liana;
- before Lucius leaves further down the aisle after the battle, the "Act 1: Before the storm" splash screen should appear.
If this is true, then, most likely, everything is installed correctly.

Removal: drop the contents of the "Original files" folder into the folder with the installed game.



- The fairies of the bottom rows cannot be selected in the Fairy Book. And it cannot be cured. And it is not corrected.
Their characteristics can be found in the corresponding table (in folder "Tables of the most important things").
- Spells of slowing down, inversion, blindness and some others do not work on the AI. It was also in the original.
Whirling works, but in practice it has absolutely no effect on the enemy's accuracy.
Freezing works and even really reduces the speed of movement of the enemy.
- As in the first and second Global Mod, the game sometimes crashes. Especially often in the first minutes after
installing the mod.
- The game can crash at the end of the fight with the Guard. The reasons for this are still being sought.
- The model of the Steelthrower is buggy in places. His hitbox is weird. Aim for the antennae if necessary.
- The interface is not scalable, so the Fairy Book and menus with evolutionary items may not fit into the screen
at low resolutions. If it doesn't fit - see the book / menu in the "Tables of the most important things" folder
in the archive with the mod.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------


- "Sauronych - the Unsleeping Eye" and "Blackguard K-666, the Soulforge Steel Thrower" cannot move. Absolutely.
- The effect of the "Soul Thief" and analogs, as in the original, is harmful to the player himself. But now
such spells have better ratios of damage, mana and speed. And if you hit weakly, so as not to inflict crits,
then you can use it.
- In some new arenas for battles with wild fairies, it is impossible to escape.
- If you kill the Shadow Elves in Dunmore and get the Nature card BEFORE the dialogue with the goblin on
the bridge in Dunmore, then he will have a much stronger deck during the duel. Doesn't always work.
- The Guardian actually has not 45 fairies (as shown before the battle), but 60 (i.e. + 15 fairies,
mostly Metal). Yes, yes, this is not the easiest fight.
- In some battles, the fairies are not of the same elements as they seem at first glance. So that the player
does not relax.
- And there will also be (extremely rare, though) invisible fairies.
- The sounds of the wings can sometimes seem strange, but they are really okay.
- The weakest active spells of all elements ("Slight Quake", "Small Waves", "Flame"...) are separate from
the other spells of their element.

BORROWINGS (where ideas, textures, images, titles comes from...):

- Gothic 1 and 2 - idea with chapters, sounds of zombies, icons of many spells (Soul Thief, Darkness, etc.), sound of the beginning of a chapter;
- Spellforce 1 - textures, icons and ideas of the Flayed Fleshrender, the Nzambi and the Mummifar, some icons (Umbragen and Xaositect, for example), sounds;
- Shade: Wrath of Angels - knight texture (taken for Feroxion and Draugrion) and zombies, some sounds and spell names ("Wind of the Apocalypse", etc.);
- Warcraft 2 - Horde victory theme (taken for the epilogue in the alternate ending);
- DnD - idea of Kyton;
- Cthulhu Mythos - ideas for the names of spells ("Dagon's Will", "Power of the Deep Ones") and fairies (Cthulhuel);
- Planescape: Torment - icons and names of spells ("Elysium's Tears", etc.), ideas and icons of Grace and Ignus;
- Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - sounds, spells names;
- Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - texture and icon of Golem and Grizzl, some sounds, spell names ("Earth Shock", etc.).
- Baldur's Gate - music.
- Frostpunk - music.
- Demon stone - music.
Also, the Firexia textures were taken from the NCF mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 5.


There are people who would like to express gratitude:
- Mreirana - for the textures and ideas for mod;
- Ghost Demonologist - for the translation of this mod and some ideas I took from his Unbended mod;
- Ruthless Warrior - for the ZanzarahBuild program;
- Mr.DoubleShot - for reviewing and passing modifications;
- Comrade Bender and Lord Belial Tv - for reviewing and passing modifications;
- Developers of Zanzarah and all sources from where I borrowed something;
- To all those who reported on bugs and problems, gave advices and threw up ideas.




Textures authored by Mreirana (i.e. the textures of Asheria (Читерия), Flucticia (Волнисия), Morze (Морз), Luctane (Скорбейн), Windrow (Ветроу), Venturia (Вентурия)) CANNOT be borrowed and used in other projects. Absolutely. This is her requirement as their author. Under no circumstances. Strictly prohibited.

The rest of the files are mine. Use them calmly, I allow. If you take few files, then you don't even have to ask permission. If you take a lot of files, then it is better to ask permission just in case. The only condition on my part is that if you use the files from the mod, then write that you took them from the Global Mod for Zanzara. You don't even need to list by name all the files that you took: just indicate the fact of borrowing, as I indicated in the description of the mod when I described my borrowing. You can also (if you want, that is, optional) indicate the main creator (me) and / or the texture assistant (Mreirana) and / or the translation assistant (Ghost Demonologist) and / or attach a link to the mod, but this is not required.



Текстуры Читерии (Asheria), Волнисии (Flucticia), Морза (Morze), Скорбейн (Luctane), Ветроу (Windrow) и Вентурии (Venturia) сделаны Mreirana для моего мода. Их использовать ЗАПРЕЩАЕТСЯ. Это её требование как автора. Ни при каких обстоятельствах. Вообще. Строго-настрого.

Остальные файлы мои. Их используйте спокойно, я разрешаю. Если берёте отдельные файлы - то можете даже не спрашивать разрешение. Если берёте прям очень много файлов - лучше спросите на всякий случай. Единственное условие с моей стороны - если будете их использовать, то напишите, что вы их взяли из Global Mod для Занзары. Не нужно даже перечислять поимённо все файлы, какие именно взяли: просто укажите сам факт заимствования, как это указал я в описании мода, когда описывал свои заимствования. Можете также (если хотите, то есть опционально) указать основного создателя (меня) и/или помощника по текстурам (Mreirana) и/или помощника с переводом (Ghost Demonologist) и/или приложить ссылку на мод, но это не обязательно.

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Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.991

Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.991

Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.99 Full Version

Version 3.991. Fixed a bug with a crash after receiving Cthulhuel, and the archive with the mod takes up less space. (Inside the archive itself and in...

Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.99

Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.99

Zanzarah Global Mod v 3.99 Full Version

Version 3.99. Most likely the latest version of the third Global Mod.

Sziklamester - - 17 comments

It would be nice if this game given a sequel or some modder work on a rework because this lovely game deserve it. It is one of my personal favorites along with some other games in this timeline and this one played itself too close into my heart.

A freshy new graphic or improvements with some additional fairies and extended maps would be wonderful.

Hope this game will be again filled with life.

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