Zalgo is an Internet legend about an ominous entity believed to cause insanity, death and destruction of the world, similar to the creature Cthulhu created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s. Zalgo is often associated with scrambled text on webpages and photos of people whose eyes and mouth have been covered in black.

On July 27th, 2004, SomethingAwful Goon Shmorky uploaded several modified versions of the syndicated comic series Nancy and Archie to his personal website, which included the word “Zalgo” in two comics in the series.

On August 22nd, 2009, Shmorky explained the origin of Zalgo in a post on the SomethingAwful Forums:

I like how people who try to figure out the origin of the “meme” don’t even know where it came from originally. I’ll tell you where it came from. From me. I just made it up. Zalgo is something horrible. Zalgo is something that’s coming. It’s coming soon. It has nothing to do with Lovecraft. I’m not nerdy enough to make those kind of references. Seeing it become a meme kinda killed doing further Zalgo edits in the future (for me anyway) but maybe I’ll do one when you least expect it.


On December 2nd, 2008, the blog Grim Reviews published a post titled “The Zalgo Comic Chronicles”, which included various comic strips like Garfield and Ctrl+Alt+Del edited to include references to Zalgo.

The first Urban Dictionary definition was submitted by user Iewz on February 15th, 2009.

To invoke the hive-mind representing chaos.
Invoking the feeling of chaos.
With out order.
The Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos. Zalgo.

On March 21st, the earliest known 4chan thread about Zalgo was posted onto /b/ (random) board, featuring a Zalgo-style Calvin and Hobbes image. On April 6th, the first Reddit thread mentioning Zalgo was posted by user Trarcuri. On June 27th, 2010, the single topic blog Zalgo Comic Series[18] was created for Zalgo-related drawings.

On August 26th, A TV Tropespage for Zalgo was submitted, which claimed that Zalgo represents a corruption of innocence, normality and the entire world. On December 25th, 2010, a Chatroulette screenshot of a Zalgo version of Boxxy reached the front page of the r/pics subreddit, accumulating 446 up votes before being archived.

On October 23rd, 2011, a Zalgo flash animation by Shmorky was submitted to Something Awful, which included footage from several children’s animated television shows with a black tentacle creature edited in.

#fff solid;"> Game based in the meme of internet zalgo, now for download

Juego basado en el meme de internet zalgo, ahora para descargar

Game for windows 32, 64 bits and macOS

Historia del juego

Una joven despierta en su casa un dia, no sabe que a pasado, lo ultimo que recuerda es que iba en un avion pero una criatura la perseguia, piensa que es una pesadilla y se levanta del piso de su baño pero se da cuenta que su casa esta vacia, sale a la calle para buscar un telefono y llamar a la policia, pero lo unico que encuentra son sus peores pesadillas...

Game story

A young woman wakes up in his house one day, the last thing I remember is that I was on a plane but a creature was chasing, thought to be a nightmare and gets up from the floor of his bathroom but realize that your home is empty, goes out to find a phone and call the police, but the only thing is are your worst nightmares...


Oficial website/Pagina web oficial

Zalgo the game
Zalgo The Game

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The firsts gameplay


no good gameplay in English, sorry

Version 1.1 now available

Version 1.1 now available

News 1 comment

This vesion of the zalgo the game, in english y en español, for Windows 32x, 64x and macOS

Guest - - 689,167 comments

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Guest - - 689,167 comments

Can you make Zalgo The Game 2?

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Thixx - - 14 comments


Would love to play this for you guys so you can add a english gameplay to your site:)

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Imparus - - 19 comments

The biggest non-sense game ever xD Mounths on the skies, red sky, crab following you, everyone is crazy, this own anything non-sense in the world xD

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kraworm Creator
kraworm - - 4 comments

zalgo no sense, is all, is nothing

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