The game takes place in the year 3021 the earth as we know it has been struggling to survive with a population of over 43 Billion there is no other option but to leave , you and a selected few have been sent to seek out a new habitable planet.You work for the UNSP (United Nations Space Program).
And have been assigned to the UNSP:YARIN a space ship designed for testing out mineral samples from unknown planets , it is also equipped with the state of the art weaponry provided by the Military.You and the crew of 200 are the last hope for humanity .

=About The game Mechanics=

This isn't a normal RPG game , without any Turn Based Combat this game thrives on Real Time Combat.At any point in the game you can go out and Kill or Harvest which of course means this is an open based world.The game being 2D puts a strain on Open World you can only go two sides right ?

No this game features a selection of the 2D variety , you may explore via Ship taking you into a Top Down Exploration , or on foot a SideScroller.This game features a bunch of new creative ideas for the 2D genre.


Programer = JBVstudios
Artist = JBVstudios
Music = JBVstudios

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Pre Alpha 0.2


In the next Pre Alpha Update I will be adding the main mechanics for Crouch,Run and Jump , I have yet to create the Sprites but I will keep everyone up to date and the update should be released the following week. I cant promise it tho I have a busy life , but I will hopefully get it released then.

Yours Sincerely

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