Family-friendly platformer for up to 4 players, with ball-shaped robots and physics-based challenges.

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This is my first devlog. In this article, I want to introduce you story behind idea and name for Wreckin’ Ball Adventure (Project name: Kirro).

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My brother and I are big fans of Overwatch, we play this game a lot. In August 2018 when they released a new hero Hammond, a hamster in a wrecking ball mech, we were inspired. “What if we create a game, a platformer that relies on physics and moving as a ball?” A few days later we had our first prototype of Kirro, a build in UE4 and it was fun :D The prototype was simple, just 1-2 players, basic mechanics of movement based on rolling, jumping, and hooking ( the most important thing in the whole game) with few small maps.

First gameplay ever made of Wreckin' Ball Adventure:

When Jarek’s wife played our first prototype she noted that our hero (His name is K160) looks very similar to the main character of Assassination Class, Koro-Sensei. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but let's say he is a "yellow octopus", who, when angry, transforms into a yellow ball.

To avoid legal disputes we came up with the name Kirro and we loved this name for our game. Kirro in Japanese that means yellow. Our happiness didn't last long, there was one problem, something called "Kiiro" already existed; it was a shop for erotic toys. The titles were too similar, a small error in your search and you may just find something you were not expecting.

We wanted to create a family-friendly game. We didn’t want to kids looking for our game and finding this shop. So, we decide to change the name to Wreckin’ Ball Adventure.

I still think one of the hardest parts of creating a game is choosing a name. Because when a player sees the name, he should know what to expect. The name also should be catchy and easy to remember. A lot of good ideas for the name were already taken. I hope we made the right decision with Wreckin’ Ball Adventure, but only time will tell ;)

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