Sorry about that, but I have not a much time for it. Source codes available now under GNU GPL 3 at site (sources link).

The WreckBox is a free sandbox game, which concentrates on giving you the tools to put your building and engineering ideas into practice.There isn't a specific goal to the game, but you can use it to construct all kinds of machines, buildings and even rockets and guns! You can create and destroy any combination of blocks and make anything you want, it's your choice. What will you make?
At present the game is at stage alpha, and in future releases we will add more and more abilities and functions enabling you to make any physically possible idea real!

Current version 0.0.2[pre alpha]
You can do this things for now:

  • Create different objects
  • Use debug vectors to watch speed, forces, acceleration of an object
  • Display center of mass and simple mesh editor (by vertices)
  • WebPlayer release contains ability to save and share your savings (Next release this ability would be in a standalone versions of a game)
  • Apply global force, impulse, relative force to an object
  • Combine objects to a groups.
  • Apply different types of joints.
  • Create motors.
  • Set different materials with densities(metal, wood, glass, slippery...)
  • Move, scale, rotate objects
  • Apply volume union, subtract, intersect operations

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WreckBox v0.0.2 is released

WreckBox v0.0.2 is released


New version of a game is released. See release notes under cut.

Webplayer is released!

Webplayer is released!


I'm happy to announce that we're released a webplayer version of a game. This release contains some bug fixes of version 0.0.1 and some new features like...

Hints for buttons and icons

Hints for buttons and icons

Other Tutorial

Open this article to see hints for your interaction with a game. It contains a basic description of available features.

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WreckBox (0.0.2) - Mac

WreckBox (0.0.2) - Mac

Full Version

Version 0.0.2 (pre alpha). Download for a Mac. Updated 16.03.2013

WreckBox (0.0.2) - Windows

WreckBox (0.0.2) - Windows

Full Version 1 comment

Version 0.0.2 (pre alpha). Download for a Windows. Updated 16.03.2013

XienDev Creator
XienDev - - 3 comments

Source codes available now under GNU GPL 3 at site (sources link).

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XienDev Creator
XienDev - - 3 comments

Development of a game has been stoped for a while, sry about that, sources and new MIT or GNU GPL license will be available soon, anybody who want to look at it, will be able to do this soon, I'll post notification here (

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stuffyou5 - - 8 comments

lokks awesome with such a simple idea

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Isaiahere - - 560 comments

Simple, yet awesome. Can't wait to see some more features.

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duartel - - 34 comments

This looks brilliant. Downloading.

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