Man, and Machine lived together in harmony since the 22nd century when the last of Infidels was to be vanquished by the followers of Daijutsi, the spirit of energy since dawn man had believed that someone among us had powers bestowed upon as Godly. But thanks too machine man knows, that the only true phenomenon of the Universe is Daijutsi a spirit of light living inside every Atom of energy, controlling the bursts of light coming from power a source that alone is nothing but in the move of a hand it grants the power too move. And so man must unite. And set out to conquer the World that they had looked upon so many times

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We are working each and everyday on this project, we have recently decided to work on a more flexible way of making maps for the game. this means we can publish a map editor to the public when done.

We also welcome a new modeler to our team Nicklas who will help us making the Rebels, and other in heavy need models.

we are also planning to release a new playable version of the game. no ETA yet.

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Version 4.8

Version 4.8


This is our latest Work Where you can play test the game.


Hello, I tried out your game and so far i seem to have enjoyed it. I see it may have some potential and bringing back some of the old RTS games that fan wants. However:

Like the detail for the graphics.
Nice AI Path for a simple demo.
Hopefully to see more.

But, some issues i did encounter. I know it is a demo and all but there is a slight hitch.

Your Construction voice over is used from the same source of the Red Alert series.
of course since it is a demo there may be no music or sound being played in the game.
Voice acting can be quite fun, and the sound effects are easy to find all over.

It will have a vote from me, hope to see the game grow and perhaps your own sounds and soundtrack after completion. Noticing you are using Game maker if you require any additional help with creation of top down vehicles or other things just give us a shout.

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