Witherholme is a co-op (1-4 player) survival horror game where players take on the role of a young goblin magi. Scavenge for clues, discover new spells, and use your trusty staff to light the way through a cursed village.


  • 1-4 player online co-op

    Band together in this classic survival horror experience where you'll be searching for clues and delving deep into the heart of darkness.

  • Atmospheric gameplay

    Featuring old-school graphics, painted textures, and detailed audio, experience Witherholme with a uniquely immersive 3rd-person gameplay system.

  • Character customization

    Show off your style and customize your character with exclusive unlockable cosmetics.

  • Multiplayer features

    Use the in-game voice and text chat to communicate with your party.

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About Witherholme


We are a team of two, nearly half a year into development.

Myles from Confusionware is our programmer and sound engineer, and I (Goblin) am the artist, The Goblin Works.

Our goal is: An online co-op horror game reminiscent of a ps1 aesthetic, with replayability and social play at the heart of the experience.

You can find our first trailer, along with our youtube presence here.

Please take the time to join our Discord.

Major milestones passed:

Online functionality, including joining games, dropping games, losing or winning, steam integration, and lobby creation.

First enemy AI, functional and playable, built to scale.

First game loop - Being able to drop into the game, lose health, die, find randomly spawned keys, explore preset and designed levels that include interactable notes, ignitable torches, and unlockable doors.

Player Controller - including camera, magic, staff light radius/focus, hiding, interaction with the environment (reading notes, lighting torches, opening and closing doors)

Character Customization assets are fully designed, modeled, and textured

Inhabitants of Witherholme have been fully designed, modeled, textured, animated, and ready for integration. This includes threats and neutral NPC's.

The first two levels have been designed - one of which is a smaller tutorial-demo like level, while the second is a much larger open map that represents Witherholme.

Dialogue system integrated - being able to start matches through NPC Dialogue, as well as talking to in-game characters for information/story flavor.

Spell system (built to scale)

Initial Key Inventory System (needs refining).

Milestones ahead -

Testing! We still need to test all these working elements once sound has been integrated - since the game relies heavily on atmosphere and game-feel, this stage has been pushed off to make the experience as close to the final product as possible, to learn the most we can.

FMOD/sound integration for inhabitants, atmosphere, and interactions with the environment/UI and player character - this would be for things like staff light sounds for on and off, lighting a torch, inhabitant status, sound aura, or opening and closing doors, and music.

Objectives HUD.

Voice chat, and text chat - This will include proximity, as well as global vc/tc modes.

Integration of other inhabitant assets into a working AI.

Creation of variable spells

Addition of findable loot and in-game currency for earnable rewards.

Character creation/dressing room.

Working on general polish of the game feel as we continue - like enemy states and effects, death animations etc.

Post-game launch, we want to continue supporting the game and adding content, like extra levels, enemy variety, spell variety, different modes, and more character customization.

Overall, we've made amazing progress being two developers, and I'm very excited about passing these next few milestones quickly.

As far as release date, we don't have anything solid in mind, but the sooner the better - but sooner will not get in the way of quality.


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