I started developing Wait! Life is Beautiful! while I was going through one of the roughest periods of my life and perhaps I’m still here precisely because of this game. I never aim to bring you down, I just want to tell you a story about something that may affect everyone. That nearly happened to me, and may you never be that close to the edge. I don’t really hope to save someone or to make any global impact, but I do hope that you will simply enjoy my game and maybe learn something for you.

Suicide is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. If you or someone you know is depressed and/or suffers from suicidal thoughts, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. In such a situation, even the closest people (who do not have the proper training/preparation may - and often will - only make things worse). There are signals that can let you know that your friend or relative is in a crisis and needs help. I hope that maybe Wait! Life is Beautiful! will remind you to be attentive to your loved ones. Even if they seem to be perfectly fine, they may be going through rough times.


The process of playing Wait! Life is Beautiful! is similar to watching a film that stimulates a nerve, especially when the viewer finds themselves immersed in the protagonist's anxious state of mind. At the center of the plot is a young guy, an ordinary clerk, he is not at all a hero, and certainly not a magician.

Watching him, we are instilled with his emotions such as tiredness from the monotony of life and depressing thoughts about the meaninglessness of life. However, there is a desire to change his life for the better, to look for a new meaning - in empathy, compassion, while helping others.

As we try to engage in dialogue with potential suicide victims, we can study their problems and carefully choose the right words in an attempt to talk them down. This can be difficult because the main character tends to cover up his fear with black humor and an ironic attitude to what is happening. This is his defensive reaction. Against the background of stress from the stories he heard and his regrets about the departed, the main character begins to see dark psychedelic dreams that give rise to a feeling of approaching madness.

However, do not forget: all events and characters in the game are fictional. Moreover, the game does not aim at saving everyone. The only purpose is to make you think.

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Hello everyone,

After several years of development, Wait! Life is Beautiful! has finally launched on Steam.

[Important Warning]
Wait! Life is Beautiful! is a game that tackles extremely sensitive topics as it looks at the challenges of depression, a person's mental state, and how it can often lead to suicide. Please keep this in mind if you are going to play this game and always be aware of yourself.

Before I dive into what Wait! Life is Beautiful! is all about, I want to share by sharing a message straight from Egor Perviy, the game's developer.

The long journey of WLIB has finally reached its destination - the launch! It wasn't easy, it wasn't fast, but we finally got here!

I've tried my best to put all my experience, all my knowledge, and all my heart into this game. Perhaps it is far from being perfect, but it is at least the most sincere and most honest thing that I could have done. WLIB is all about emotions, about mine, and yours, and I really hope that you will be able to genuinely feel what I tried to say. It is a big step for me and I'm really happy that I have finally completed this journey.

Thank you to everyone who reached this point with me, thanks to everyone who has been here from the beginning, and thank you to everyone who has helped this game see the light of day, and finally thank you to everyone who will play it.

If you want to learn about the history of the game, what the game is about, and why Egor picked this theme, do check out our recent interview with him. It is a long read, but it really covers almost everything.

About the Game

W!LiB! is an interactive psychological thriller that looks at the challenges of depression and how it leads to suicide. Those of us that have been working on this project like to say that this game is like watching a film or reading a particularly enthralling poem, but over time it stimulates a nerve as the reader/viewer finds themselves fully immersed in the protagonist's mind.

All of the themes in the game are based on the personal experiences of the developer. What's more, to further help with the authenticity of the interactions, a special effort was made to engage with other people who lived through similar situations.

The result of this is a game that is true to the genre and gives the player an authentic and eerie gaming experience that they are unlikely to forget.

Cinematic Trailer - Introducing the Main Character

Gameplay Trailer

To wrap things up, if you want to read about the game, check out this review as it will show you a first-hand take on what you may experience when playing Wait! Life is Beautiful!

How a game was developed about a theme that is usually silenced!

How a game was developed about a theme that is usually silenced!


How did I end up making a game about such a controversial and complex topic like suicide? Is it really that difficult? What is the connection between...

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