Vesuvius is a 2.5D top-down shooter where you must travel into the heart of enemy space stations to retrieve critical parts to repair your damaged space ship. Use a variety of weapons to shoot your way to the boss on each level and return home with the parts. ​​ Featuring procedural level generation for each level to increase replayability.​

Players start off with the standard gun and can buy upgrades to their health and energy:


Choose between two levels:


Fight your way to the boss of each level:


The interactive minimal helps players find their way to the boss:


Players have the ability to teleport back to a dropped item to avoid swarms of enemies:


Link to our Itch page:

Link to our trailer:

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Vesuvius Gold Release


This week we are releasing our final version of Vesuvius. Over the past week, we made one major change to the game and spent the rest of our time using user feedback and analytics that we've been collecting on play testers to balance the enemies, weapons, and shop in our game. We also updated the user interface across the game and redesigned the home ship.

This week the storyline changed and without spoiling the ending, we've added one final boss battle at the end of the game. This fight utilizes some interesting mechanics that the player should recognize.

Change Log:

Added final boss battle

Better enemies are more likely to drop better items

Bug fix in the second boss fight that lowers the difficulty on high frame rate systems

Updated starting scene to be more realistic

The player now starts with less money and can only buy limited shop items until they progress further in the game

The total player energy and health are now visible and it is more obvious when an item is used

Game-wide UI and NPC dialog updates

Added a reticle for the cursor

Redesigned ship layout

Final trailer released with help from a voice actor

New custom music for all game scenes and weapon sound effects

Special versions of the soundtracks for the boss fights

Added credits to the end scene

Balanced all player weapons and enemy hit points

Balanced enemy damage as well

Decreased attack delay on the crab monsters

Here are some examples of the new UI:

UI example 1

UI Example 2

Unfortunately we did not have time to implement some features that we wish we could have done:

Add a bad ending if you lose to the boss

Automatically apply upgrades bought in the shop to avoid confusion

Make applying upgrades more visual

Add a charge up sound for the boss with a laser

Link to our Itch page:

Link to our trailer:

Vesuvius Beta Release

Vesuvius Beta Release


We decided to make major changes to game and level progression. We wanted to provide players a more engaging storyline which involved extending the opening...

Vesuvius - 2.5D Top Down Shooter

Vesuvius - 2.5D Top Down Shooter


Vesuvius is a 2.5D top down shooter that Doing Time Studio is making for our EECS 494 final project. Your mission is to travel to nearby hostile space...

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