Greetings Adventurer!

In Vagabond, you will have the opportunity to explore vast procedurally generated worlds and meet their numerous inhabitants. You start in the middle of nowhere with no memories or possessions. It's up to you to forge your destiny, become a famous treasure hunter by searching dangerous dungeons, the best blacksmith in the whole country or a benefactor by helping the villagers who need you. Who will you become?

Blending elements of traditional role-playing games with the freedom of sandbox-style games, Vagabond is a unique experience. Moreover, you can share your adventures with your friends as Vagabond was designed from the ground to support multiplayer.


  • Create and customize your character
  • Explore procedurally generated worlds and travel across many different biomes which have their own riches and dangers
  • Visit cities and meet hundreds of NPC who have a lot to offer: they can teach you new skills, buy or sell you goods or tell you the latest rumors. And if you feel good in one of the villages, you can buy a house and become one of the villagers
  • Complete quests to help locals and earn rewards
  • Fight monsters in dungeons and get rare treasures
  • Gather resources by chopping trees, mining ores in caves, growing crops and killing monsters
  • Craft items such as armors, weapons, meals and furniture
  • Buy and furnish your home
  • Share your adventures with your friend with networked multiplayer (through LAN or the Internet)


Vagabond is still under active development, many new features are coming shortly:

  • Magic with spells, magic wands, wizards and alchemy
  • Guilds with news quests and game mechanics
  • Lore generation to provide a history and legends to each world
  • More locations to fill the world such as castles, temples, ruins, etc.
  • Better dungeons with more complex structures and new types of rooms

If you want to support the game, you can play it now. If you have any remark, I would be happy to have your feedback, you can send me an email to or come and chat on Discord. Help me shape Vagabond's future!

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Alpha 5 is released!


Hello everyone,

Alpha 5 is released on Steam and! Let’s take a tour of the new features.


This the main new content added in this version. If you wander in the desert or in the jungle, you may discover some ruins. Beware! Monsters and traps are protecting them.

desert ruins outside

jungle ruins outside

They have an inside and an outside part. If you visit cities near the ruins, you may find new quests related to them.

desert ruins inside

jungle ruins inside


The Steam version of the game now supports multiplayer with Steam. It was a highly requested feature. I am very happy that I managed to do it for this release. So, once you have started a game, you can invite a friend to join you.

invite friend

Or one of your friend can directly join your world by looking at your in name in their friend list.

join friend


Combat was one of the most unpolished feature of the game. I worked a lot on them. Here is the list of the main improvements:

  • Attack animations were added
  • Monsters now avoid each others
  • Monsters avoid obstacles (there are still issues with walls, it will be fixed later)
  • Particles effects when monsters take damages were added
  • Damage dealt are now shown on screen
  • Fix the hit box of arrows


I don’t pretend combats are now perfect, there is still a lot to improve. If you have any comment or suggestion, please share it with me!


I am very pleased to announce that Vagabond is now available in French!

It was a lot of work to be able to procedurally generate French texts. But the technology developed for French will also be useful for other languages and it will be easier to add translations for new languages.






If you have been following Vagabond for a while, you know that I like working on the lighting. In this release, I added support for normal maps which in layman’s terms allow to add information about the orientation of the surface of an object to change the lighting accordingly. An image is worth a thousand words:


Outside World

The outside world was, with the exception of cities, very quiet. You may now encouter animals and monsters. Moreover, they are finally bandits in bandit camps!


Finally, it is no longer possible to buy seeds from innkeepers. You now have to explore to find them in the world.


There are many more small improvements and changes. Thanks a lot to everyone who played the game and shared their issues and suggestions! If you have any, please send me an email or come chatting on the Discord server. Your feedback is very precious to me and helps improving Vagabond!

Alpha 4 is released!

Alpha 4 is released!


Version alpha 4 of Vagabond is released. New major features include procedural quests and new points of interest! Free demo available!

Alpha 3 is released!

Alpha 3 is released!


Version alpha 3 of Vagabond is released. New major features include buy house, tailoring, carpentry and farming! Free demo now available!

Alpha 2 is released!

Alpha 2 is released!


Version alpha 2 of Vagabond is released. New major features include chopping trees, mining ores and crafting tools and weapons! Free demo now available!

Dungeon and Cave Generation: Filling the Rooms

Dungeon and Cave Generation: Filling the Rooms


This article explains how the procedurally generated caves present in Vagabond are filled with monsters and objects.

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