An adventure RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that provide an experience akin to the well-loved Pokemon series for mobile devices. The game itself will be a standalone game with its own monsters, towns etc. Though mechanics such as exploration and battle will be similar to that of the Pokemon series. As a fan of the series, it has always been a dream to bring a similar experience to smart phones without the need to carry around a separate handheld device. We are looking for modellers, animators and level designers to make this game work!

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Well after many years of watching projects on MODDB, I am finally able to make my own. A little bit about myself first, I'm a tertiary level student studying Information Technology, well-versed in programming in Java and C# (hence why I chose Unity as my engine for the game) with basic skills in Cinema 4D and Maya (that explains the crappy textures and models in the game).

As a big fan of Pokemon since young, I've always wanted a comparable experience that I could play on my mobile phone on the go. Given the nature of the controls for the game, there wouldn't be any compromise for the user experience. In addition, I've always wanted to play a true 3D Pokemon game. Hence I started on this project in January, and after 3 weeks of work this is my current prototype. (I actually started on this before Pokemon X and Y were announced)

The game is utilising the Unity Engine and currently works on iOS (and presumably Android though I do not have a device to test it). Currently the game has one building, one town to explore and one field to engage in battles.

Features Implemented:
Walking and Exploration

  • Moving from Area to Area
  • Reading Signboards
  • Entering Buildings
  • Pause Menu
  • Party Menu (Including viewing stats, moves and swapping main Monster)
  • Item Menu (Including using of items in battle to heal and catch Monsters)
  • Random Encounters (Random Encounter once walking in long grass)
  • Trainer Encounters (Within line of sight of trainer will initiate a battle)
  • Battles
  • - Attacking
  • - Type Bonus Damage
  • - Misses and Critical Hits
  • - Animated Healthbars
  • - MP System
  • - Animated Attacks
  • - Sound Effects
  • - Escaping from Battle

Features to implement

  • Music (Current music in playthrough is copyright of Skotein and the Pokemon Company and is a placeholder)
  • Gym Battles
  • NPC Dialog
  • Story Progression
  • Evolution of Monsters
  • More Monsters, More Towns

However as I am a full-time student, I do not have the time or means to make this project a reality. Hence I am looking for talented Modellers, Texturers, Level Designers and Programmers to assist me in making this project a reality.

If you are interested in helping out in this project in any way possible, kindly please do email me at


Will this have Renamon (from Digimon)? xD

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will you put in gym,s

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I would like to help making this game, im not vey farmiliar with unity, but i made many games with many different game makers.. if you give me a job, I can figure it out.

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Tracking! Looks interestring

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