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This is just a very small portion of Grant's work on the SinglePlayer storyline.

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Commander Steven

Patriots Blood

Chapter 2


A squad of Marines stand in the rear compartment of a
dropship. The men are all looking over their gear and weapons as they chat
among themselves. The camera zooms to three in particular.

MARINE 1 – These fringees won't know what hit 'em.

MARINE 2 – Chuckles Yer mom didn't know what hit her.

MARINE 3, 2 – Laugh

Marine 1 punches Marine 2 in the shoulder. Their laughter is
cut short by the click of the intercom.

DROPSHIP PILOT – Okay boys, 2 minutes to touchdown.

The Marines look at each other, shrugging at each other in
reply. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Marine 2 coughs, and tries
to start up another conversation.

MARINE 2 – So, what the hell do you think we're going to be
doing here, anyway? I thought we were supposed t' be fightin Aliens or
somethin, not a bunch of goddamn hicks.

MARINE 3 – We'll find out when we hit the ground, but I
reckon it'll just be mop up. These inbreeds probably can't even find the
business end of their own rifle. Smacks the barrel of his rifle

MARINE 1 – Heh. You guy's think there’s any truth to that
Alien rumor?

MARINE 3 – Nah. Good chance somebody just made that shit up,
trying to be funny or somethin.

MARINE 2 – I dunno. I mean, if it was a joke or somethin,
wouldn't it hafta be funny?

MARINE 3 – You moron. Doncha gettit? It's like this: The-

The intercom crackles once more, cutting the Marines off
once more. They begin to look annoyed.

DROPSHIP PILOT – 30 seconds.

The COMMANDER stands, and moves to the rear of the troop
compartment, standing in front of the platform door. The men all look up at
him, their chatter dying off.

COMMANDER STEVEN CRUCIUS – Okay Marines. As you know, we're
about to land on the planet of Gehenna. We will be assisting our fellow troops
in taking several key targets along a section of canyon.

The COMMANDER pauses, then hits the door release switch on
the side of the dropship compartment. As the door opens, revealing the canyon
below, and the thick smoke pouring out from canyons, the COMMANDER continues

COMMANDER STEVEN CRUCIUS – If you had any doubts about the
ability of our foes, feel free to look out here. Looking towards Marine 3
They are just as capable of fighting as you, and they can find the
barrel of their weapon. This will not be an easy day Marines. Now, get ready to
kick some ass.

The Commander turns towards the exit of the Dropship as it
touches down. The Marines stand, ready to deploy.



The COMMANDER runs down the exit corridor of the Command
Center, followed by the Marine Squad. As they near the exit of the building, an
enemy marine leans around the corner, and bring his rifle to bear. Without
breaking his stride, the COMMANDER fires his rifle one-handed, killing the
Marine. Finally, they make their way out into the compound around the facility.
As the last Marine exits the building, it attempts to take off. Surrounded by
enemy troops, the COMMANDER and his troops make a break for a descending

COMMANDER STEVEN CRUCIUS – (Shouting) Keep moving!

The COMMANDER's squad returns fire as they keep moving
through the courtyard towards the Dropship.

The camera changes to the cockpit of the Dropship, as the
Marines board. The camera focuses on the Ascending Command Center in the
Background, as an on-screen time clicks down to zero. Upon reaching zero, an
explosion rocks the airborne structure. Several more explosions rock it, as
portions of the building plummet to the ground. Several parts crash down on
troops on the ground, as the crippled structure begins descending. The Camera
shifts to a ground view as the dropship takes off. The camera focuses on the
Command Center, as it hits the ground, exploding in a large fireball.



This is an older draft of a cutscene screenplay for the first level.

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