Unfolded Torus is a brain-teaser puzzle with a great variety of scenarios. Online real-time ranking, single and multiplayer modes with hundreds of daily tournaments make it one of the most challenging skill game on the Web. Playable as a mobile app or on a Web browser, it lets you sync your results and records throughout all your devices. Logic and spatial reasoning are the main skills you need to be a top scorer in Unfolded Torus. For sure, you'll improve them while climbing Unfolded Torus ranking. The goal of the game is to maximize the score using the least number of moves. The configurations providing the maximum score are a very small number compared to all the possible configurations, and the shortest path(s) to reach them would be hard to discover even for the fastest available supercomputer. This makes the game extremely challenging even for the most brilliant minds.

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Hello everybody,

Unfolded Torus is my first hybrid puzzle game, developed using web tech and a dedicated API server for multiplayer competition and personalized ranking.

Its available for android (soon IOS) and playable on the web following links on game's web page: Unfoldedtorus.com

The game is highly challenging and brain intensive, I've tested it with scientist,developers and riddles lovers they all suffered to reach highest score and to minimize moves path. If you like something that squeezes your brain lets play UnfoldedTorus!

In single player you have time to think and to replay each scenario to improve your score and climb social ranking, while in multiplayer tournaments you have to compete against time too, so quickness and different strategies are skills needed to reach the podium.

Mechanics and Scoring system

A scenario is formed by square tiles, each tile can contain a number. The score is determined only by the following two rules:

  • Equal numbers adjacent on a diagonal sum up to the score
  • Numbers satisfying the above condition and belonging to two different diagonals are counted twice


as you can notice in figures above numbers with tinted background are summed once, while bolder rounded numbers counts twice as they belong to two diagonals.

Moves consist in sliding right or left a row of tiles, or sliding up or down a column of tiles. Sliding is cyclic, for instance, in sliding a row to the right, the rightmost tile moves to the leftmost place; in sliding a row to the left, the first tile moves to the last place. Similarly for sliding up and down. That is, the scenario is an Unfolded Torus.

In the layout of a scenario there may be some missing tiles. A missing tile behaves like a direct connection between the neighbor tiles. Here are some examples

scree1scrw3 1scrw1 1

Packs Of Tori

In Single player, scenarios (called Tori), are grouped in packs. In each packs you can start playing from the first and unlock the next by reaching a minimum score. Once unlocked you are allowed to play in random order to improve scoring wherever you wish. Here some screen of packs.

4packs 1

Please notice as tori's thumbnails in grey are the one still locked while colored ones are unlocked. A Silver Cup above a thumbnail means that you have actually reached the actual record for that torus (same score in same number of moves) while having a Golden Cup means you've been the first (and maybe the only one) to reach that score using that amount of moves.

Above thumbnails group there are stats (on right) and ranking (on left). both are updated in real time connecting to torus server's api. Here a more detailed screen for ranking and stats

UF flowers pack

Main Ranking

Here you can see main page screen(on left) and main ranking list (on right) result of click on white cards. Main Ranking consists of the sum of ranking from all packs of tori and is updated in real time.


Multiplayer Tournaments

From Main Page you can have access to Multiplayer Tournaments section (you have to login and register using a google account). There are tournaments starting each 5 minutes, some lasts for few minutes other (harder to solve) lasts for hours. The scoring system is the same as in single player mode as well as ranking for each single tournaments, while global ranking four tournaments depends on amount of torus coins won. Here some screenshots of tournaments pages and tournaments ranking:

detailedtoruanemtnresultsandprizUnfoldedTorus tournaments list a

Global Tournament Ranking showing coins won total Cups Won number of tournaments played

newUftournamentRanking 1

More Feature and Scenarios are coming.

I hope you'll enjoy Unfolded Torus and hopefully let me have some honest opinion

In case you'd like to help me in having some feedback I've setup a 1min survey to rate my game features
Here the links to the surveys:



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