Relive Armando's memories as he wanders the streets of Oporto.

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Hi everyone!

We've been working on polish lately, and we wanted to update the trailer to reflect it.

We felt it necessary due to the great amount of changes the game went through.

Let's watch it!

Gameplay Trailer

The storyboard of the original remains, we don't try to fix what isn't broken. Other than that, we included in the trailer the cutscene of the flying dove as well as the intro story of the game.


In this devlog, we revealed the new trailer and discussed it's changes.
Stay tuned for more updates to come to Helena.

Well lad and lasses, stay safe and see you next week!

e assim

With Kindness, Rio Studios®

Helena Devlog #23 - Out with the old

Helena Devlog #23 - Out with the old


In with the new. let's take it easy this week. We showed level design progress of the office before, let's do the same with the city.

Helena Devlog #22 - New in-game Animations

Helena Devlog #22 - New in-game Animations


Today we're gonna talk about some of the new animations we made for helena.

Helena Devlog #21 - Transitional Cutscenes

Helena Devlog #21 - Transitional Cutscenes


Let's talk about screen transitions. Helena could do with some new cutscenes.

Helena Devlog #20 - Collectible Rewards

Helena Devlog #20 - Collectible Rewards


Let's make these collectibles worth grabbing, shall we?


Love the art style, gonna keep this project on my watch list.

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