Avoid Light. Solve Puzzles. Pursue Answers.

You play a stone creature trying to find where your friends are going. Along the path, entering lights will cause you to lose control. You must move objects to create shadows that you can then pass through.

Light & Shadow Puzzles

Light blocks your path. Create shadows with objects to pass through.

Mysterious Story

Who are you? Where are you? What has happened? Find clues, view Memory Crystals, use environmental storytelling and narration.


Secret puzzles, stories, locations, and content.

Watercolour Texture

Customizable procedurally generated textures. Customize the speed, size, quality and look of the texture.

Skippable Sections

Find hidden 'Skip Crystals' to skip over that "one puzzle" and continue on your merry way.

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Release Incoming



Thomas here, letting you know that there is a new trailer and that Umbra is releasing on the 18th of February!

That's not long from now

*nervous shacking

If you want to help these nerves then go wishlist the game (and that's what we call emotional manipulation)

Store Links

Get on Steam

Get on Itch.io

It's been almost 5 years. My how time passes by.

Begining image

Umbra prototype concept 2017

mountain view 2

Umbra now

~ Thomas

Demo Release

Demo Release


Demo on Steam and Itch.io Updated with new puzzles and features



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First post here announcing my solo puzzle game. Avoid Light. Solve Puzzles. Pursue Answers.

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