Unknown Castle is a puzzle adventure, where you explore your old family castle, controlling 2 characters helping each other.

Get it from Itchio or steam or Google Play!

In this game you control 2 characters, Halli-Valli and Huuma-Tuuma. You have to lead the two characters to their own doors to exit each castle room. Use stairs, moving platforms, switches and other things to progress. The game has also local multiplayer option.

Solve Puzzles title

The game has 31 levels of challenging puzzles and also some secret rooms!

Avoid Dangers title

In your journey you will encounter many dangers. Avoid dangerous traps and angry bats!

Find Secrets title

Uncover the background story of the castle. Who built it? What is inside the treasure chests? Who is this mysterious Mr. Freddi who has left some random messages in the castle? Where is the real treasure?

The only way to find an answer to those questions is to go and explore the unknown castle!

Local Multiplayer title

Play with a friend! One of you controls Halli-Valli and the other one controls Huuma-Tuuma.

Now available on Itchio and steam!

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Unknown Castle is now available for Linux! Also, controller support has been improved and there has been some bug fixes.


Unknown Castle can be played with Linux now. Only the itchio version has native linux support, but the Steam version can be played with linux using a compatibility tool.

available for linux

Better controller support

Unknown Castle has had partial controller support for some time, but now it has full controller support! This means that now menus can be navigated without mouse now.

controller in menu

Bug fixes & improvements

Also there have been some bug fixes and other small improvements during the recent months. Here is a list of them:
- Space can be now used for dialogue & interacting sometimes
- Fixed bug where in singleplayer the other character turned when the other was moved
- Fixed bug where the player jumped up and got stuck in the wall when pressing up when in stairs and on a moving platform
- Resetting game question changed from windows pop-up dialog to the game's own pop-up dialog
- Improved slightly some translations


Unknown Castle is currently 70% off!
Get it on Steam: Store.steampowered.com
Or get it on Itchio: Pikku-a.itch.io


Unknown Castle - Recent updates

Unknown Castle - Recent updates


In this update I'll tell about the recent updates of Unknown Castle.

Unknown Castle available for android

Unknown Castle available for android


Unknown Castle is now available for android, on Google Play!

Unknown Castle released on Steam!

Unknown Castle released on Steam!


Unknown Castle has been released on Steam. Here is a trailer and some more information.

Wishlist Unknown Castle on Steam

Wishlist Unknown Castle on Steam

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Unknown Castle is coming to steam! You can now wishlist it now.

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