Arcade Shooter Turret Style, just one weapon, 30 waves of deathly UFOs, three bosses and a lot of Fun.

Take the place of one unlucky combat pilot, whose plane was shot down for a rare UFO, from the rubble built a turret and starts his last stand, unknowingly he becomes in the last chance of a city to survive.

The main genre of this game is shooter, and this profile is in third person shooter, but we aren't pretty sure of that,and we prefer calling them a Arcade Shooter Turret Style, when you will control a turret from with a third person camera, but can't be able to move(you can rotate), at this point the waves of UFOs will search you, and if they reaches to your turret, they explode.

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In this last days the game are in a 99% complete, but when we try to buy the udk license... well, that's not easy.

for some reason, our country seems to be blocked to get the license, talking with the udk license guys, they told us, that was a bug, and gonna be fixed in the next days(we hope so), so we are now awaiting the repair of that bug to complete this game.

for the moment we gonna change the release date to TDB, and actualize when we have the license, and do some extra updates.


First update.

First update.


this is our first update in indiedb, and this includes two and a half weeks of work, now we are in the middle of development. and all seems going right.

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nice, creative and fun.

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